Oct 21, 2010

Breakfast with Dent

No, I didn't really have breakfast with Charlie Dent. Matter of fact, I haven't even attended a meeting lately. I've decided that I'm tired of facts interfering with my opinions. Back to the Diner. Tuesday morning, a guy at the counter tells his buddies that Dent opposes ending tax cuts for the wealthy, because it's his job to protect Republicans. His buddy asks if he really said that? Yep, it's right here, and reads the quote. When I stood up to put on my third sweater, I noticed that the reader had a iphone, not a newspaper, and was scrolling up from the bottom of the articles.

Tuesday morning, Bill White had a column in which he fantasized that candidates responded to questions like Jim Carrey, in the movie Liar, Liar. The guy at the lunch counter, reading snips and pieces off his phone, mistook the Dent quote as a real answer to a real question. I'll straighten the guy at the counter out, before the election. Then again, he may not want any facts interfering with his opinion.

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