Oct 27, 2010

At your Peril

I generally have steered away from the election on this site. I have let my fellow bloggers crunch numbers and promote candidates. I did watch an interesting panel on C-Span, which warned that the politically sophisticated underestimate the influence and appeal of those they consider less informed. Democrat Harold Ford  mentioned that he sensed many people feel that those with so called expertise, haven't done that well for us anyway. Perhaps Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow will be less condescending Nov. 3. It all depends on who actually shows up to vote.


Anonymous said...

Being a real estate guy, you probably appreciate the 3.8 % new transfer tax on the sale of a home that was snuck into the super-duper Obamacare bill no one bothered to read, Mr. Molovinsky.

If you want MORE of that stuff, I encourage you to vote Democrat.

As many times as (yes) you can.

Anonymous said...

See this.

Anon: 3:38

Be honest with your statements.

Anonymous said...

7:13 :

I am being honest with my statements:


Vote Democrat if you want, but DO NOT attempt to smear me.