Sep 25, 2010

The Producer

The Allentown Parking Authority Officer shown here is by far the most productive person they have, he may well be the most productive city worker period. I estimate he easily writes over a $half million dollars a year by himself. He spends the day hoping from one fertile hot zone to another. You can see him everyday, several times working Chew Street, between 16th and West. That block, because of the hospital, has time restricted parking. He's like a fisherman, a very good one, who knows the good spots. For those less familiar with this blog, please use the search engine on the upper right; type in parking authority. Along with taking them to task numerous times, I documented fictitious data they provided to City Council to justify doubling the meter rate and fine structure. I also
"They're acting like a vampire sucking the blood out of downtown," Molovinsky said of the authority.

conducted a news conference, covered by Channel 69, on unnecessary parking meters as far out as 10th and Chew. Those meters were finally removed, only this year. Some comments on the previous post suggest that there is justification for the Authority and their policies. As a student of this bureaucracy for years, I can tell you that it has actually had a negative affect on center city commerce. It's simply a back door tax, mostly on those who can least afford it. The cars shown are being ticketed for not moving for street sweeping, despite the snow.*
*photographs from 2007, Parking Authority supposedly no longer gives "sweep tickets" during snow storms.


Anonymous said...

They might not give sweep tickets but they WILL give time limit tickets even before the streets have been plowed.

Craig Friebolin said...

The street sweeping program costs 1 Million Dollars a year to execute (per Richard Young)

Tamara Weller gets paid $100,000+ to run the APA. For that kind of money I EXPECT her to find a less costly, less intrusive, solution to keeping the streets clean and/or solving the parking problems it creates. (Period)

Anonymous said...

Very similar to the mob.
no recourse.
pay up.

Anonymous said...

While you using snow photos for effect, it's still a moonlight warm, balmy evening.
Did you know Friendly's on Lehigh St is closed? Not sure forever but sure looks like it. Has the mayor address this longtime business closing? Did he ever stop by with one of his huge taxfree grant checks? And, since we're talking politics, today in the mail came a slick 4-page political candidate ad and only twice in the tinniest font could we find the word "Democratic." Not even one word in the candidate's platform states he's a D. Had to search to find his party affiliation.

Anonymous said...

So Weller makes more than Pawlowski?
Is that possible? Wonder what percentage of Allentown civil servants earn $100K.

Anonymous said...

Weller is not a civil servant.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Molovinsky,
Permission to Post
Regarding the gentleman who works nights. Why can't the parking authority issue a special permit and a special sign to be placed in front of his house to accommodate his work schedule.
He could promise to clean the gutter to keep the area looking nice if that is the purpose of street cleaners and not one of
citizen harassment.
We as an urban city must look to all our citizens to help make life work; otherwise, we again lose a contributing, taxpaying
member of our society.

Anonymous said...

Given public employee salaries and benefit packages, there is no longer any such thing as 'civil servant.'

Anonymous said...

My apologies but Tamara Weller is an arrogant twit.

She is overpaid and moves to the beat of the drum of his honor as he sits in his mancave.

As long as she genuflects daily and continues to tell him what an astute politician he is and how he is little short of the second coming, all will be well.

the obvious should not be so hard to see. It is all about contacts and pay to play.

Look at the board of the parking authority. Anyone there who would challenge his honor?

michael molovinsky said...

ms. weller is considerably more cordial and accessible than her predecessor, linda kauffman, however, you're correct; the parking authority does serve the mayor. it was inappropriate to sell neighborhood lots to nic zawarski, especially in the st. paul area (8th and walnut). likewise the "verizon" lot at 7th and linden.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weller is not a civil servant.

September 25, 2010 10:19 PM

What is she?