Sep 19, 2010

molovinsky on eyewear fashion

This week I bought my first pair of prescription glasses. I had been using readers from the drug store, and it worked out well for both of us; I could see, and the store counted on my continuous purchases. The problem was my shirt pocket, it became too small to carry all the pairs I now need; Close-up, intermediate and distance. I went to the small optical store at the eye doctor's office, where I had the choice of about three pairs. Had I been willing to buy the kind with the nose pads, my selection would have been considerably larger. However, since nose pads may require adjustments, and once, forty years ago, a nose pad made a temporary indentation on my nose, that option was out. The woman and I sat down at a small table with the three plastic pairs without nose pads. There was a woman's makeup mirror on the table, and she asked which pair I liked. No way was I going to try on those glasses, and stare in that little mirror, with her staring at me. One pair had black temple ear pieces, but they were white on the inside, that's out. The second pair had a very narrow nose opening. That pair was from this decade, but Bobby Edwards used my nose as a punching bag all through 5th grade. If you see a guy walking around looking like an old, small Clark Kent, say hello, I'd like to meet you.


ironpigpen said...

Yeah, you were right about having to sign in with Blogger in order to get the Word Verification to appear, Mr. Molovinsky.

Thing is, I have long had a Blogger ID - but I don't know how to sign in unless a site makes me.

Chris Casey's POLIBLOG makes you sign in and use your screen name (which is fine), so I put up a "testing 1,2,3" comment just to come over here and chime in about the Fish Hatchery last week.

Here, I can switch over to Anonymous once I am already logged in should I choose so I can't complain.

I was in Holland today visiting FC UTRECHT and they made me sign in so I thought I would come share this knowledge while I'm "in".

Okay, gotta go. Derby Day in north Germany with cross-town rivals SV HAMBURG and FC ST.PAULI, the team with the world-reknowned and very politically-active Left Wing, Liberal Fan Club.

(Mr. Ledebur might be interested to note that FC St. Pauli's flag is all black with a skull and cross-bones)

Police are out in full riot gear and the water cannon has already been tested on the visiting SV Hamburg fans on the Repperbahn before the game and has been found to be in good working order.

A blog report with many pictures beckons...

gary ledebur said...

MM: You never needed glasses until now? I guess you are a supporter of Christine O"Donnell. She first offered her views on masturbation in an MTV documentary called "Sex In The 90's" when she said "the Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery" and that "You can't masturbate without lust." Hurrah for you!!!!

michael molovinsky said...

gl, my post clearly states i did need glasses, but i was purchasing ready made dioptics. of course my vision issues have nothing to do with congressional candidates from delaware. rather interesting that the liberal msm is going back twenty years looking for ammunition to marginalize her.

gary ledebur said...

O'Donnell does have a sense of humor, ever so essential in a leader (you have a great one yourself, MM). Here is her response to the witchcraft issue: "How many of you didn't hang out with questionable folks in high school?"
"There's been no witchcraft since. If there was, Karl Rove would be a supporter now."

Mejkravitz said...

You should be writing for a sitcom. You are too funny!!