Aug 17, 2010

Starr in Allentown

Brenda Starr is an adventurous newspaper reporter who started her career at the Chicago Tribune, current parent of The Morning Call. The strip was always written by a woman, from it's start in 1940. Rumor has it that Jarrett Renshaw has requested that Brenda be assigned to Allentown, to assist him in his investigation of City Hall.

Brenda was created, illustrated and written by Dale Messick for 43 years.


gary ledebur said...

My favorite Brenda quote:

"Too bad men aren't like computers. Predictable, compliant, full of answers but no questions...yet able to deliver an occasional delightful surprise."

-- Brenda Starr

Anonymous said...

We loved Brenda Starr Reporter. Today she continues to be our hero and symbol of decency and hard work.

Anonymous said...

Only problem with Jarrett's request. What paper will print it.