Aug 26, 2010

Governor Cheesesteak's Growth Industry

Back in 2005, I referred to Lehigh County Prison as our growth industry. Unfortunately, our other cities in eastern Pennsylvania were suffering from the same consequences of the poverty magnet. While Governor Cheesesteak sped around the state giving out hundreds of millions in cardboard checks, Pennsylvania remained the State of choice for the problematic crowd. County Governments were mandated to provide service within twelve seconds of claimed residency, and the buses never stopped coming. Today John Micek, Morning Call Harrisburg reporter, informs us that we will be exporting prisoners because our prisons are overflowing. Once upon a time, we used to export manufactured goods, now it's scumbags. We were paid for the goods, which provided good jobs and made us the All American City. Now, we will pay over $60 a day to house our excess scumbags. Our initial shipment will be 2000 inmates to Michigan and Virginia. Rest assure that those states will speedily return them at the expiration of their terms.

reprinted from Dec. 22, 2009


gary ledebur said...

This reprint is over the top, MM. Calling our governor names and calling prisoners "scumbags" lowers your status as a blogger.

michael molovinsky said...

our opinion of rendell differs greatly. for him to have traveled around with WAM (walking around money) giving out cardboard checks, and now cite hard times is pathetic. for him to have allowed dozens of people to be appointed to no show turnpike and bridge commission jobs, and now cite crumbling infrastructure is borderline corrupt.