Jun 1, 2010

Damn Jews

Just because you're running a naval blockade, and you beat them with metal bars, they're outnumbered 100 to one, they think they have the right to shoot to save their life, those damn Jews.


Bernie O'Hare said...

This situation, which involves an arrogant display of power against an attempt to deliver dangerous material like school supplies, demands a full explanation, not playing the Jew card or grainy video footage supplied exclusively by the Israelis.

michael molovinsky said...

there is no "jew" card being played here, on the contrary. the ship captain was invited to unload his cargo at an israeli port for inspection, and subsequent shipment to gaza. although the israeli's only survived because they did have holstered sidearms, they landed with paint guns instead of uzi's, to shouts of "kill the jews". had the israeli intent been combat, they would have been properly armed.

Looking To Escape said...

the ship captain was invited to unload his cargo at an israeli port for inspection, and subsequent shipment to gaza
The whole purpose of this "humanitarian" exercise was to humiliate Israel.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"they think they have the right to shoot to save their life, those damn Jews."

That statement certainly seems to me like you're playing the Jew card. If that was not your intention, you could have made that clear. Even your headline suggests you are playing the Jew card.

Israel is our greatest ally. I respect the country and its people. It has a legitimate interest in protecting itself from its many enemies, and its concerns about the smuggling of arms into Gaza are completely reasonable.

But that's no justification for an over-reaction that ended in the murder of 9 people. Israeli soldiers needlessly endangered themselves, sliding down ropes from helicopters onto vessels in international waters. That's piracy, by any legal definition.

They could have adopted far less drastic means to protect themselves, including disabling the steering mechanisms of these six boats. The American or South Korean Navy could have even shown them how. We do it all the time to N Korea.

The proof of Israel's guilt lies in its feeble attempts to control what messages are going out concerning this atrocity.

Anonymous said...

What fools Progressive Liberals are.

Israel should demand an investigation from the European Union into the Turkish Islamic organization that organizes the "humanitarian" ships.

(The United Nations is hopelessly biased towards Arabic interests)

I suspect the Turkish Islamic government and Iran could very well have destabilizing agents operating behind the scenes.

This is a CLEARLY STAGED EVENT, INTENTIONAL PROVOCATION clearly designed to demonize Israel on the world stage.

Hey, Bernie O'Hare, or any other Islamic Terrorist Apologist :

Why are so-called PEACE ACTIVISTS swinging weapons such as metal pipes and clubs?

Why are PEACE ACTIVISTS hitting Israel soldiers with metal bars?

Why are PEACE ACTIVISTS tossing an Israeli soldier overboard?

This is NOT peaceful behavior on the part of the PEACE ACTIVISTS now, is it?


Rolf Oeler

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, i will simply say that you should do a google search on "attacks on jews" before you write about playing the" jew card". in a blockade you try and stop the ships, israel did. the israeli soldiers defended themselves from being beaten to death, the video wasn't too "grainy" to see that, unless you don't want to.
so far you have said;
1. jew card
2. arrogant display
3. murder of 9 people
4. proof of israel's guilt

Bernie O'Hare said...


If I was on a vessel in international waters, and some elite commandos began leaping into my boat from helicopters, I'd conclude I'm under attack and would react accordingly. What Israel did was put itself in a position where it could then disingenuously claim it was merely defending itself. It was an act of piracy.

If you do a google search of your own, you might discover that the end result may very well be that Egypt will open its borders to Gazza permanently. There goes Israel's security.

It was a stupid decision that will actually work against Israel. Despite all its efforts at controlling what information gets out, this has been a disaster to Israeli prestige, and it hurts us, too, because we are closely allied to them.

As far as Gentile Rold Oeler is concerned, if I were attacked on the high seas, I'd be responding with something a little more heavy than metal pipes.

Bernie O'Hare, Druid

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, if i was on a ship, ignoring orders from a navy, running a blockade, i would expect to be boarded. egypt also had that border sealed to help protect egypt, from radicals.

Anonymous said...


You you are completely wrong on this.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Bernie, I agree with Scott. You are completely wrong on this issue. I can't believe that the jews that were maimed and killed in the streets and the restaurants in Iraelie cities by the palestinian "suicide" were expecting such action. Where was the outrage? These "boatpeople" lured the Iraelies into this action. That is the mistake that the Iraelies made.
I find it sad that our government seems to be finding fault withe Iraelie action. Didn't we blockase Cuba?
Sure maybe the jews overreacted. But then again, I can walk on my streets and not have to worry about being blown up.
Bernie, I must strongly disagree with you.
Bob Romancheck