May 9, 2010

The Community Development Block Grant

Each year Allentown is awarded a Federal Grant. Allentown allows service organizations to apply for funding, then decides whose been good and whose been bad. Once a town descends to a certain poverty level,and we reached it years ago, the funds can be used for infrastructure.

We must recover from being the victim of Political Correctness . We can no longer tolerate being a poverty magnet. The taxes and grants, both state and federal, must be used as originally intended; for the city’s infrastructure. Our current social programs are morally commendable, but unfair to the taxpayer. Social agencies should receive our gratitude, not our taxes.                                                    Molovinsky for Mayor, 2005

MM,you took a lotta heat for the poverty magnet tag and all of a sudden I now hear others singing the same tune.   Guy William

copies of the approved grant are available at the office of the City Clerk

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