May 19, 2010

Al Bundy Museum to get $6.9 million Stimulus Money

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Sal Panto's pet project, The Al Bundy High School Sports Museum, is on line to receive almost $7 million more in the Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Stimulus money. Northampton County Council is scheduled to vote on appropriating the funds tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Seven million dollars for a museum when so many LV taxpayers need work! Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

The historic 0-bama has consequences.

As do 0-bama's policies, which included the Porkulus.

I understand from Progessive Liberal Democrats that a second Stimulus may be needed to save the United States from continuing crisis and catastrophe.


Anonymous said...

Northampton County will be voting on whether to approve the funds for a never-ending black hole. The museum will surely be back for more government money in the future.

Barry said...

Just think of all the New Yorkers who will take Sal's beloved 3-hour train ride to Easton to see all the luminaries enshrined in the High School Hall of Fame.

monkey momma said...

Holy smokes. SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS? Who do these Sports Museum folks think they are, the Fegleys??? Is there going to be beer served at this museum? Am I getting free admission since my tax dollars are building this place?

I am amazed - there is positive nothing to say about 7 million dollars going to a rinky dink HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS museum. The only job that is going to be created is housekeeping to keep dusting trophys and plaques that probably nobody will ever go see in the first place. What a freakin' prime example of why stimulus spending can be such a total and complete waste of taxpayer funds.