Apr 19, 2010

Rickshaw Rides at Mayfair

Mayfair 2010 will offer rickshaw rides on the newly completed bikeways on the western side of Cedar Park. The bikeways were created by widening and paving the former jogging path. Additional loops were added, which can accommodate up to 100 rickshaws. The rickshaws will be pulled by authentic Asians, actually Hamilton Street merchants, in need to supplement their income from losses suffered as a result of the Lanta bus route changes. The idea of a novelty concession isn't new at Mayfair. Years ago paddle boats were added to the island in Lake Muhlenberg. The land bridge to the island, created for that concession, resulted in lake stagnation and was scheduled to be removed this year. However, all environmental restoration projects have been cancelled, in deference to resumé enhancing construction projects.

The paths across Ott Street have been designed for two way speed cycling. How fast the rickshaws will go, will only be limited by the strength of the merchants. I was unable to contact Steven Schmitt, Director of the Coalition for Appropriate Transportation , for his comment on the rickshaws. Ironically, Schmitt is familiar with the merchant cart pullers. When they protested against the Lanta Transfer Terminal in 2007, he said, "They wanted something to complain about, basically."


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the paddle boats.

That idea proved itself to be sheer genius.

Meanwhile, some in the Bicycle Enthusiast Lobby would have me believe in all these wonderful new businesses that will allegedly appear and blossom as a direct result of all these new wonderful bike paths.

They say he who cannot learn from history is condemned to repeat it.

With that in mind :

GO BULLDOZERS - Defeat Everything!

Anonymous said...

Next comes lights in the park (way)II, the sequel. Traffic willbe sent down 24th street to Hamilton to Ott to Parkway Blvd, where they will drive along the wealthy folk's ride and see the wondrous lights, while th eAisian merchants will also get to offer hand pulled sleigh rides, while the Latino Community will serve hand pulled pork sandwiches from the old Parks Office at the corner of Ott & Parkway. Winter weddings will be conducted in the new Chapel with the new lights in the background. The marketing possibilities are endless. Billboards along the new bridge to screen out non-paying citizens from viewing he lights, while simultaneously enhancing revenue through rental for advertising (Brew Works?). I can see going down alreadyfeel my ta

michael molovinsky said...

anon 2:19, there may be more truth to your comment than people realize. the original plans for cedar park called for the stone house (old park office) to become a cafe for rose garden weddings. although that plan was put on hold, the art museum will use the house for a gift shop and cafe for their designer house next month, which is about 5 blocks away.

Anonymous said...

Michael, this post is in extremely poor taste.

Anonymous said...

Steve Schmitt is familiar with these bicycle cart pullers because he pulls one on his bicycle. He is not Asian, and he is not a merchant on Hamilton Street. He is a bicycle enthusiast and he "walks the walk" with his car-free ideas.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 4:18, i just received 9 comments from you, submitted to several different posts, all generally critical of my point of view. i will give you one answer. first and foremost, no, i'm not embarrassed about my residency. my time and efforts in allentown are a matter of record. many of allentown's problems are from the people who do live there, not me, from two blocks away.

steve schmitt made several despairing comments about the merchants, i only listed one. he also said he would "have to see their books" to believe that their business was affected by the lanta changes.

i don't believe that the train route is viable. i find it ironic that the same advocates for rail, also want to tear out local track infrastructure to make more bike paths. they should save those tracks for a "light rail" future option. i do not have a position on route 22.

my impression about the youth of lvrenew is based on blog entries, at least in terms of vocal support. someone mentioned that many of the middle agers in attendance at the hotel were realtors. i don't purport to be a newspaper or hold this blog to those standards of accuracy. i do however, never print something i know to be untrue.

yes, i agree that my style is rather harsh, but there certainly is enough puff blogs around. contrary to some assertions, i have no animosity towards; cunningham, callahan, panto, pawlowski or anybody. on the other hand, i don't carry water for anybody.

thank you for visiting this blog