Mar 7, 2010

Sal Panto Says

Sal Panto and I have been having words on the blogosphere, both here and on Bernie's O'Hare's site. Panto, Easton's Mayor, doesn't like what I'm saying about his Lanta Plans. Before I go too far explaining the story, I should make a couple of confessions. I have referred to Sal as a retread; Easton tends to recycle it's mayors. I have referred to the coming High School Sports Museum as the Al Bundy Hall of Fame.

Sal Panto says:
Oh one other thing, you will be eating your Al Bundy comment about the National High School Sports Hall of Fame in a month or so when some exciting announcements will be made. Just another example of you being confused by the facts (in this case you don't even have the facts becasue all of them haven't been released yet.)

In Easton, Lanta is to build a transfer terminal several blocks away from the square and Northampton Street, as Allentown did at Sixth and Linden. Easton, like Allentown, has no destination stores in it's downtown. However, when people have to wait for their transfer bus, they will shop if the store is right there, and they're waiting anyway. When the transfer stops were removed from Hamilton Street, business there declined 40%. Although buses still stop on Hamilton and adjoining corners, the riders will not make an additional stop to shop in the stores; They will not interrupt their ride to the transfer point. There is a big difference, commerce wise, between a bus stop and transfer stops. Panto doesn't understand this difference. He keeps repeating that the buses will still stop on Northampton Street.

Sal Panto says:
Again the facts -- there will still be bus stops on Northampton Street. Transfers will be at the new transportation center.

Sal says that I criticize him, but do not take him up on his offer to come to Easton and hear his patter in person. More important, I suggested that Sal come to Allentown, and speak to a few merchants on Hamilton Street; In twenty miles and twenty minutes, he could learn what will happen to the Easton dollar stores, which now depend on the current bus transfer stops.

I hope when they bring Sal out of mothballs for the third time, he will invite me again.


gary ledebur said...

Michael: You should know better than Rham and Rush that use of the term "retard" in demeaning to a whole lot of folks. I won't tell Diane I. Bill Clinton had to apologize for the use of the term "welsh" (as in the USA does not welsh on its commitments) and I, a long time ago, told someone I was "jewed" done. Good taste, NOT political correctness, is called for here.

michael molovinsky said...

gary, i used the word "retread", not retard. mayor sal used to be mayor years ago. also another mayor was recycled, or retreaded, as a tire. another reason i used this word is because for many years there was a very controversial hubcap business in an old building bordering route 22, going by easton. yes, i would be severely punished had i used the R word.

Anonymous said...

Do you not have the vision and foresight to recognize the "Al Bundy Junior High School Sports Museum" is exactly the sort of catalyst to spark unparalleled economic growth and sustained success not just for Easton, but the entire Eastern Seaboard of the United States?

For shame.

It is, however, unlucky that one letter in the alphabet can get in the way of a probably well-deserved lecture on the evils of insensitivity, feelings, political incorrectness, etc., etc.

Have you ever thought of the potential psychological damage being done to Al Bundy by belittling and devaluing his legendary athletic career at Polk High?

He once scored four touchdowns in a single game, I'll have you know!

Where's the love, man?

Anonymous said...

Severely punished by who?

Did Obama finally get his Blog Czar so he can start a sweeping and ruthless, if most likely bumbled, crackdown on the "adequate-enough" Constitution?

If so, it's about time. Things have gotten completely out of hand in this country. That's why the American people overwhelmingly elected Obama, to straighten out the enormous mess all created by Bush with a radical left-wing agenda.

I saw a blog that made fun of Obama's dog's baseball card once.

The nerve.

Chris Casey said...

Maybe they should have a bungee jump from the peace candle

Anonymous said...

While you are escorting Sal to the Hamilton St. Dollar Store, don't forget to take him to the Allentown Transfer Center where he will meet hundreds of happy passengers in their warm and dry indoor facility; complete with bathroom, minimart and Dunkin Donuts. Those poor souls look so distressed for being so far from the junk stores. lol

michael molovinsky said...

anon 9:01, if you actually visited the transfer plaza you would see most of the riders sitting on cold metal benches, almost a block from the stale donuts. (the transfer plaza stretches from 6th to 7th st.) i interviewed the riders last year, many preferred getting some shopping done on hamilton street, with the variety of items which were available. your use of "junk" is a loaded term, not unlike my use of "stale"

Anonymous said...

Off the record says: I told you not to roll in the gutter with O'Hare.

michael molovinsky said...

mr. off the record, as you know bernie boasts over at his blog that panto knocked me out of the ring; i don't think so. i think careful readers can see that panto still hasn't differentiated between transfer stops and regular bus stops. likewise, bernie's claim about me not meeting with panto is silly. if i drove to easton, i would rather spend my time talking with the merchants who will be affected.

Anonymous said...

I like the part how O'Hare says he has a metal chair with your name on it.

If I said that to that to him, he'd have the cops at my door in two minutes, I am quite certain.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Oh lighten up. It was a little humor. MM knows I'd never waste a perfectly good metal chair on him.

Anonymous said...

Panto did knock you out of the ring. He owes nothing to you. You on the other hand at least owe him a visit. I think you are scared that you might just find many good things in Easton. We love our "retread" Mayor. There isn't another person in the city who could do better.

Step up and bring your ass to Easton or shut up.

Anonymous said...

"Stale donuts?" Gratuitous and incorect. The place is a Godsend to that area. I was there last week and the 'store' was packed with patrons....not sitting on any cold benches. What now? You want heated seats at a bus station. Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Listen mabey you should calm down on what you are saying about the plans. You should edit this blog because the plan is working amazingly. They are saving more money than in the alpha building. That is all because of Sal. He is amazing, I have met him in person, which is what you should do if you really want to meet him.