Feb 8, 2010

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Anonymous said...

In 1982 the Department of Energy had a big push for energy conservation. Included as part of this initiative was funding to improve insulation on many buildings.

The U.S. Forest Service in Squaw Valley, California, received some of that money for BLYTH ARENA, the historic site of the United States' gold medal triumph at the ice hockey tournament of the 1960 Winter Olympic Games.

(This winter marks the 50th anniversary of that U.S. title)

Blyth Arena was not a fully-enclosed arena; the south side was open so as to enable a view of the mountains.

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Anonymous said...

The first winter, 1983, after receiving the money and 'improved' insulation from the DEP's new energy-conservation program --- the roof of Blyth Arena collapsed!

The roof had never been designed to hold much snow but had never had a problem in 12 years before the DEP showed up.

The plan had always been that the heat generated from the ice-chilling equipment underneath the rink at Blyth Arena traveled to the ceiling, warmed the uninsulated roof and, thus, always melted the snow.

The 'improved' energy-conservation meant the snow on the roof did not melt and, thus, the roof fell in at the first opportunity.

BLYTH ARENA is now a parking lot for a ski resort at Squaw Valley.

Round of applause for the DEP, please.

Who needs historical sites, anyway?


Rolf Oeler

gary ledebur said...

Below is a brief piece from Arianna Huffington that I think is compelling. Its title is "The Tea Party 600: Canaries in the Political Coal Mine?"


There was much to mock about this past weekend's Tea Party convention: the low turnout, Tom Tancredo's repulsive immigrant bashing, and, of course, Sarah Palin's keynote lite. But it would be a huge mistake to dismiss the movement that led to the event. Yes, some of the Tea Party movement is ugly. Yes, some of the Tea Party movement is race-based. Yes, some of the Tea Party movement is being bankrolled by conservative political groups -- and all of it promoted by Fox News. But focusing only on those elements obscures the fact that some of what's fueling the movement is based on a completely legitimate anger directed at Washington and the political establishment of both parties. Think of the Tea Party movement as a boil alerting us to the infection lurking under the skin of the body politic.

michael molovinsky said...

i'm new to the huffington post, but i find it sort of bloglite. between the MSNBC attitude, and the nudie shots, it's not a scholarly journal. (neither is fox news). it appears to me that this sort of reporting is all that the current majority require; consequently, they receive only the governance that so little scrutiny produces.

Anonymous said...

The poor Bulldozer in the Park must be sad and lonely.

Especially since more significant snow is expected soon.

Wrecking of the Park will have to wait.

I hate when global warming gets in the way of progress.

Anonymous said...

We in Allentown have another good citizen trying to bring attention and some controlls to the travesty that is the Allentown Parking Authority.
The site is clear and focuses on the evil authority skulking around our streets with profit as its only incentive.

michael molovinsky said...

broken ladders, i'm sorry about the hyperlink not working on my comment section. sometimes they do, other times not.