Feb 10, 2010

Lunch At Allen

Up to the mid 60's, students at Allen High could leave the building for lunch. Scattered in alley's around the the school, garages had been converted into lunch shops and hangouts. The Hutch was in the alley between 17th and West Streets, in the unit block between Hamilton and Linden. Suzy's was behind the Nurse's Dormitory, between Chew and Turner. Another was across Linden from the Annex. They all had the same basic decor, a few pinball machines, a few tables and a small lunch counter. Most of the business was during lunch period, and before and after school. It's my understanding that occasionally a kid or two would skip school and hangout all day. Today these garages, turned into luncheonettes, have long ago reverted back to garages. Most of the current residents of West Park probably don't even know about this commercial history right behind their houses. I missed photo day at Allen for my yearbook, but if anybody has a picture of the gang from the Hutch, I'd appreciate a copy.

Reprinted from Sept. 24, 2008


Anonymous said...


I am sure you know that I don't often agree with you, politically, but I wanted to just drop a note to tell you that I truly enjoy your posts on local history. They offer a really nice glimpse into the people, places and events of Allentown and the region that some oldtimers may have forgotten and some newcomers would never have known about.

Joe McDermott

Anonymous said...

My brother tells me some students continued to leave Allen for lunch even into the mid-1980s despite official policy to the contrary.

I have no recollection of such matters, Senator.

michael molovinsky said...

thank you joe, i appreciate the note, mm