Jan 29, 2010

The Righteous

Last February, Miep Gies wrote: "I am 100 years old now. That is an admirable age, and I have even reached it in fairly good health. So then it's fair to say you've been fortunate, and being fortunate seems to be the red thread running through my life." She, here husband, and two other employees of Otto Frank had resettled in Holland in a vain attempt to avoid the Nazi's. When the Frank family was discovered, it was Miep who retrieved and saved the diaries, to return to Anne after the war.

Miep Gies, whenever praised for her heroism aiding the Franks, always reminded people about all the Dutch people who also hid Jews during that period. She spent her later years refuting Holocaust deniers, who claimed the diaries were forgeries. She passed away January 11, 2010. Vad Vashem and the State of Israel extended their condolences to the Queen of Holland.


Anonymous said...

Those who offered aid and comfort to those who were being persecuted and murdered have a special place reserved for them in the Kingdom of God. Thank you for profiling this woman. She did what she could to seek justice, love kindly and walk humbly with the Lord (Micah). And thank you for helping us to remember Holocaust. It is a great service.


Anonymous said...

It is hard to be a proud German sometimes.

Like right about now.

The Holocaust always leaves me feeling ashamed.

Rolf Oeler

michael molovinsky said...

rolf, you may find it interesting that the fastest growing jewish community in europe is in germany. actually, they are jewish immigrants from russia and ukraine

Anonymous said...

That is excellent news!

German ice hockey has been a little down then past ten years or so.

Russians and Ukrainians play some hockey.

The USSR always had powerful national teams; some of their players were Jewish, of course. Viktor Zinger and Evgeny Zimin come immediately to mind.

Germany have a few naturalized Russians in the player pool now.

Soccer is easily Germany's most popular sport. The hockey team has long relied on naturalized Canadians and, more recently, Czechs to boost the talent level.

Rolf Oeler

Anonymous said...

Hard to bring up German hockey today and not mention Rudi Ball.

In 1930, a Paris sports magazine declared the Jewish player to be the best in all of Europe.

Do you know the story of Rudi Ball, Mr. Molovinsky?

Rolf Oeler

michael molovinsky said...

rolf, i just looked up and read about ball. i'll be doing another abe simon post soon, and would rather discuss the 39 olympics then, rather than on this post about miep gies.