Dec 6, 2009

Allentown Saved By A Cheeseburger

This past week at the Job Forum in Washington, President Obama made it clear that he will use stimulus money to prevent state and local governments from adding to the unemployment figures. How Allentown got to lead off the President's Recovery Tour is a matter of speculation. Some contributed our selection to being an important swing area politically; personally, I thank Billy Joel. Although Allentown truly fit the definition of the rust belt at the time, so did fifty other cities, such as Buffalo. Living here in Allentown has a ring to it which I think will finally pay off for us, twenty seven years later. I can only assume that during the time it took Obama to eat that cheeseburger, he and Pawlowski bonded enough for one of those local bailouts; Pawlowski has never been shy about sticking his hand out.

photocredit:Monica Cabrera/The Morning Call


monkey momma said...

MM - I know I'm nitpicking, but it's Billy Joel. (Not Billy Joe.)

Anonymous said...

What no one has seemed to answer and maybe someone here will is how was Allentown's mayor invited to a job summit when by his own action, he has been forced to lay-off city workers? Not trying to be nasty here, but if a govt. official can't even make or keep jobs for his own city's workers, how can he make jobs for others like me? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

To Monkey Momma

It's Billy Joe in Brooklyn!

michael molovinsky said...

monkey momma, i appreciated your correction, as i have referred to him in three recent posts.

ironpigpen said...

What about all those "shovel-ready" projects I heard about so much last spring?

It is so refreshing to have a President who is so well-mannered, articulate, though.

Enjoyed his latest trip on Air Force One and photo-op immensely!

Hooray for Obama!

(Pawlowski for Congress?)

Anonymous said...

Clearly this is a staged photo op. Our dear mayor would never drink water without some kind of corn sweetener added especially when enjoying a cheeseburger - Mayor McSmurf's favorite food! I seem to recall some promise to the people to give up cheeseburgers and slim down when McSmurf took office. Apparently, that part of his appetite goes hand in hand with his appetite for stealing private property.