Nov 16, 2009

Sal Panto Slow Learner

Easton's Mayor Panto fascinates me. This retread, he was Mayor before, doesn't seem to learn. Although Allentown destroyed it's business district by moving the buses, Sal insists on doing the same. Although the new location for the terminal/parking deck is an improvement over the previous absurd spot proposed, which he defended until the bitter end, it's still a half baked idea. The new incarnation will include a high school hall of fame sports museum, OK? Anyway, the reason for this post is Panto's new brainchild, sicing the police on a club owner during peak business hours. Panto told the Morning Call, "We wanted to take him out in front of everybody."

Sal, here's a thought. Since the Easton Police Department seems to pay out millions of dollars each year for one controversial action after another, maybe now is not the time to be grandstanding over someone's possible legal rights?


Bernie O'Hare said...

"Panto's new brainchild, sicing the police on a club owner during peak business hours.'

Um, let's see. The club's owner is alleged to have ordered his staff to clean up blood and other evidence after a stabbling there earlier this month. He tampered w/ evidence in an attempted homicide investigation.

The club's bouncer has been charged with obstuction and just recently, with assaulting a woman at the bar.

The club had an underage drinking party earlier this yuear, which resulted in 31 citations.

Perhaps you'd prefer Panto to wait until someone is dead.

I believe this is the same owner who was run out af Allentown. Maybe you know him. From what I hear, this guy is a bum who even stiffs his own waitresses on tips.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, i was expecting you. bet you wouldn't have made the defense if the mayor in question was callahan. no, i don't believe the club owner was run out of allentown, and neither do you. just an intro for a snark by you. you repeatedly defend panto. the issue isn't arresting the owner, it was the grandstanding and timing involved.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Actually, you're wrong. I have read this guy was kicked out of A-town. I've also heard it.

Now I've presented exactly what the charges are that led to the most recent arrest, something that must have slipped your mind. If you want to claim that Panto is picking on someone just for destroying evidence of an attempted homicide, knock yourself out.

I'd defend any mayor who did what Panto did, although he certainly is only a minor part of this story. If you have a complaint, perhaps you should take it up w/ the DA or the EPD. They had a little more to do w/ this.

The truth is that you were just looking for an excuse to take a dump on Panto, who just managed to avoid a tax increase in Easton. he needed no smoke and mirrors for his trick. He did not have to refinance, either. He refused to take PAC money when he ran for office, at least in th primary. He has also increased the size of his police force, which has become certified under him. Funny how you don't notice these things.

That's a shame bc Panto is the most accessible and transparent mayor in the LV. After his election, his forst interview was with an Easton blogger. You could have called him.

Yeah, he supported Riverwalk, and that was a mistake (in my view). He's also turning Easton around, and I work there and see it.

But go ahead. Slam away. What could those cops be thinking, arresting someone just for destroying a crime scene?

Bernie O'Hare said...

A link to the ET story is here.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, since you both heard and read this guy was kicked out of allentown, please provide the details or stop repeating the statement. you would be more intellectually honest if you supported actions, instead of dogmatically supporting the actor. in your world cunningham and dent can do no wrong, while pawlowski can do no right. callahan did pretty well also in bernieland, until he decided to run against dent. panto has done well with you, although you know from allentown that moving the buses off of northampton street can only hurt the merchants. you also know that when a mayor meets with different agencies and looks for reasons that can be used to close a business, that merchant's rights have been compromised. then, when those agencies wait two weeks after the supposed crime to arrest him, at midnight for "most affect", and then the mayor ADMITS all this planning to a reporter, it's a gift to a defense attorney. that makes that mayor a SLOW LEARNER, and it makes you a water boy.

Anonymous said...

JUST A NOTE: I was actually THERE at the nightclub when it occurred.
My thoughts on the matter:

It looks like this club is going the same route the Down Low did in Allentown, PA. I was there on the night that it was, unexpectedly, closed down. I am unsure what the answer is, but I don't know where Easton and the surrounding towns expect the Urban adults to go who enjoy the hip hop/R&B vibe. We don't have anything against DRINKY'S, MOTHER'S, Maingate, No Name and other nightspots in the surrounding area, but it's NOT the same. I understand that the club owner has to pay for his past transgressions, but why wait until people have PAID their hard earned money for an event and close it down just to make an example out of him? Who suffered the most? If the place is said to be unsafe, why not close it down EARLIER in the week BEFORE it opens, people are placed in harms way, and money is exchanged?
There were three things that were, definitely, accomplished last night: the notoriety of the club was established which will BRING more people to it in the future, a city leader has shown he is more interested in harassing and shutting down a viable business instead of working, guiding, and cooperating with it to find the root of the problem and eliminate it; and once again, the URBAN COMMUNITY was shown there is little regard for "their" type of crowd in the area.

Alfonso Todd

Bernie O'Hare said...

MM, If you take the time to actually read the link I supplied, you will see that two people, who are registered w/ the ET, claim Patel was kicked out of A-town. That's where I read it. You could read it, too.

Alfonso, Any bar that destroys evidence in a criminal investigation of an attempted homicide needs to be shut down until police can sort things out. Nobody has closed it permanently ... yet.

Bernie O'Hare said...


You seem to be swaying in the wind. Are you criticizing Panto for supporting a police investigation and arrest as a result of the destruiction of evidence at some dive, or are you criticizing panto bc he won't put the new bus station exactly where you want it? I'm confused.

The new location will be endorsed by Easton merchants. The old bus terminal location will just move two blocks away on level terrain, and there still will be lots of foot traffic bc The Crayola Center draws thousand of people to Easton's circle every day. Those people don't ride LANTA, but buy lunches and other articles at all the shops in the surrounding area.

I agreed with you about A-town, but you're wrong about Easton and its foot traffic. Talk to the merchants.

You accuse me of being Panto's water boy? Let's see. I recently pointed out some criticism about his curfews at Easton parks and was strongly opposed to his wife serving on council with him. I do like the guy, but only because he's committed to good government. I tend to like officials committed to good gov't, regardless of political affiliation. I tend to dislike those who play games.

You, on the other hand, dislike him bc he happens to be a Democrat. That's why you slam him, Cunningham, Rendell, and just about every D in government. If it were any other way, Bobbie Gunther Walsh would never mention you.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, i read the link. i assume you must be referring to the comments, which i did not read. if mr. patel was "kicked" out of allentown or not isn't relevant to my post. certainly the fact that commentaters at the express must registrar isn't relevant. i believe you would be using your latin terms by now; non sequitur. bernie my post stated that panto is a slow learner. i cite the lanta terminal building, a subject on which i have some expertise. after reading about the shenanigans involved in preparing for that police "raid", and knowing all the cases against the easton police force, i find panto very unimpressive, hence my post

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, your little trial law 101 gimmicks get tiresome, such as introducing bobby gunther into this discussion; neither he or the commentaters at the easton express are relevant. i remember when the parking authority testified that the allentown merchants wanted the meter rate and fines to increase, so much for endorsements. NO MERCHANT WOULD WANT A BUS STOP MOVED FURTHER FROM HIS SHOP. two blocks is a long way, ask the allentown merchants.
although i've written several posts critical of panto, i never thought about what party he belonged to. i don't criticize people for their party affiliation, nor do i blindly defend anybody. not only do you blindly defend, you go on the attack mode doing it. you may choose to think that this perception of you is limited to me, but your use of law school latin terms and long winded discourses say differently

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, in defending panto you're reduced to using comments to the express times (btw, the second commentator heard it from the first) then dressing them up by calling them "registered." you then ramble about crayola. the fact is that six easton bus routes currently transfer at the square in easton, facilitating business for a block in four directions. the new lanta transfer terminal will be three blocks down S. third St. that will be four blocks away and more for the shop owners at 4th and northampton and beyond, a true death blow.