Nov 29, 2009

Obama's Allentown Visit

Mayor Pawlowski has shocked the Allentown business community, by announcing that President Obama will visit Nikita's Bar, in the 700 block of Turner Street. Allentown is the first stop on the President's White House to Main Street Tour. Pawlowski said it was time for him to "get real".
This is a recovery tour, not a stimulus package tour. I have given the Brew Works every conceivable grant, and then even more in-kind considerations.
It was assumed that the visit would center on the Brew Works, which was the focus of the Mayor's economic development in his first term. The Fegley's, Brew Works owners, declined comment.
Nikita's was scene of an armed robbery last week. The Secret Service, speaking anonymously, said "We can protect the President where ever he chooses to visit".


  1. I love it! You should read my post! Great minds think alike!

  2. Are you sure about this bar being among the visits?

    How did you find this out?

  3. How did you get that quote?
    Is it from the mayor?

    Are you intimating that you think the Brew Works should have been a spot to visit?

    Are you intimating the Fegleys thought so too?

  4. i'm sure this bar would never be among the visits.

    i made up the mayor's quote

    i think a visit to the brew works is a good bet

  5. You sure got us!!!

    See, some of us believe you. Now, we'll have to watch your every word.

  6. blog by the third baseman is Send In The Clowns, which can be found on my blog link list

  7. Spoof pieces and applied sarcasm are always quite entertaining even if not universally understood, apparently.

    What about the proposed fireside chat I have read about involving Molovinsky and Obama?

    Is Obama afraid of a Shadow (Mayor)?

    Investigative piece waiting to happen?

  8. This is extremely irresponsible.

    Because you have such a lousy sense of humor, nobody knows you're joking. Ninety per cent of your readers will not read your clarifying comment.

  9. Anon 12:13,

    You seem to have great statistical insight and analysis with respect to the tendencies of this particular blog's readership.

    Where did you get that information?

    Or did you just make it up, kind of like Obama's White House does with job saving and creating?

  10. "This is extremely irresponsible"

    That is the funniest thing I have read in a long time.

    Video killed the radio star.

    PC wants to kill the Satirist.

    Obama needs a Blog Czar!

  11. i think anon 12:13 must also be spoofing, especially since he mentions i have a lousy sense of humor

  12. MM, enjoyed this immensely! Ever since Hillary Clinton did a shooter in Pittsburgh Obama has trailed in the "gritty bar / shot" category. This is his chance to catch up.

    The Banker

  13. I'm curious as to what kind of in kind donations the Brew Works has gotten. You seem to have some type of inside information on the Fegley's financials?

  14. the amount of grants given was discussed extensively a few years ago. although difficult to track and trace, $5million is a conservative figure. in kind would also be hard to analyze. from the parking authority; given former small meter lot off 8th, behind pub. meters removed in front, free parking in deck. from the city; host location of numerous city promoted events, golf course concession with questionable selection process, etc. etc. etc. etc.

  15. THIS WAS GREAT! If only it were true. People have been asking me left and right if I was going to be a part of the "privileged" few who would be able to speak to OBAMA, since I am a known "community organizer". I told them I have yet to receive an invitation and the bottom line is, long after he has come and gone, there still is ALOT of work in Allentown that needs to be done. My hope is that his visit inspires the TRUE City leaders to get up, get out, and get something done!

    Alfonso Todd

  16. My hope is that the wonderful and magnificent Obama's visit will inspire somebody to figure out how to get this city's economy moving in the positive direction.

    This city's economy is moving, alright.

    Just not in the right direction.


    Since Obama has never, ever run an actual business before, I suggest the President might enjoy :


    by retired General and former Army Chief of Staff GORDON R. SULLIVAN


    I know Obama's best move is to go around apologizing for the horrible and unjust nation of the United States because Americans are nothing more than racists clutching their Bibles and guns who robbed and stole from everyone


    Sooner or later Odoofus is going to have to take responsibility for the economy of the nation of which he is supposed to be the leader (as opposed to just griping about the mess he inherited - and campaigned to inherit for two years - and just blaming his predecessors)

    "Just sayin"


    (I remember the election hype - doesn't everybody?)

  17. "I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am President, it is the first thing I do. I will get our troops home. I will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank."

    Barrack Hussein Obama - October 27, 2007

    O LIAR?

  18. Anon 4;59,
    was Obama talking about Iraq or Afghanistan? Is this quote taken out of context and conveniently (and ironically) misrepresented as a lie?
    Obama said often in his campaign that we were fighting the wrong war, that Iraq was the wrong war and the war should be focused on Afghanistan. In that sense, his move this week is consistent with his campaign talk, not a lie.

  19. Yes, the Secret Service "can protect the President where ever he chooses to go"--except the White House!

    (think I'll crash next dinner too, just to see what happens...)

    What incompetents this Administration are!


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