Nov 14, 2009

The New Bloggers

One thing about the blogosphere, with the cost of operation, free, it's always expanding. There are several new blogs I would like to bring to the attention of both my readers. By now, both of you have probably noticed that I added a blog link list last month. Blogspot, which hosts this blog, offers several options for the list. I settled on the most simple, arranged in alphabetical order. Although this post will mention a couple others, I will not be updating my list at this time.

Send In The Clowns is published anonymously, as most blogs are, and has been taking some of our elected officials to task.
Allentown Parking Authority has a bone to pick with the Allentown Parking Authority.
Clancularius Introspective has been in business for about a year now, publishing over 53 posts alone in October.
IronPigPen is a sport's buff smorgasbord, with an attitude. Unfortunately, the blog is for sale; Personally, I hope the deal falls through, and the current owners stay stuck with the chore.

For those of you who prefer less controversy, Lehigh Valley Transplant spotlights the valley with fresh, innocent eyes.

The logo used at the top of this post has no affiliation to the mentioned Clown blog, I simply like the image.


Third Baseman said...

Thanks for the shout out! I gotta check out the parking authority blog, I hadn't seen that one.

Anonymous said...

There's another new local blog I found called the el vee, all about local eats at