Oct 26, 2009

Prolonging the Pain

Over the weekend, Morning Call reporters Renshaw and Baxter shined the spotlight on State Act 44, which allows municipalities the option of extending the payment schedule on pension contributions. Locally, only Allentown's Mayor Pawlowski seeks to take advantage of this election time ploy, recently crafted as a gift from Harrisburg. To his credit, Controller Bill Hoffman has stepped forward to City Council and denounced this ploy for what it is, a bad idea which prolongs the pain.

ADDENDUM 5:30am: I just discovered that one of the nightshift bloggers, LVCI, also covered this revolting development.


Anonymous said...

Palowski continues to amaze the voters of Allentown by passing the buck. Council can amend the Mayors Budget and put the two million dollars he is cutting from proposed budget. I bet this Council will rubber stamp the Mayors ploy.

LVCI said...

Well the Mayor is quite a magician.

Then again like all magicians.. it's the art of distraction and nothing ever actually disappears.

It just turns up when you least expect it somewhere else.

So maybe what we have here in the last act, turns out, is more of a Robin Hood then a David Copperfield.