Sep 27, 2009

$100 a Week

In 1935, a Jewish boy earning $35 a week carrying 300 pound blocks of ice, was offered three times more to fight; win, lose or draw. For one hundred dollars a week, Jock Whitney, British aristocrat and sportsman, owned Abe Simon. Abe won his first 14 fights, 12 by knockout. On his climb to fight Louis in 1941 he would knock out 27 opponents, including Jersey Joe Walcott.



Anonymous said...

Is "Mike", in the inscription, you? Pretty cool.

ironpigpen said...

"Not So Simple Simon"

Time Magazine - March 31, 1941

"That fighter (Simon) is a lot better than most people think." --- JOE LOUIS

The Village Idoti said...

Mr. Molovinsky,

What is the significance with The Star of David on Mr. Simon's boxing trunks? I realize that he is Jewish and its Judaic implications and significance. But was that insignia something that all Jewish boxers had to wear? Hopefully, that was something Mr. Simon freely chose to wear.

Peace, ~~Alex

michael molovinsky said...

yes, he wore the Star of free choice. Simon was from long island and fought in nyc where the Star was appreciated by many of the Jewish fight fans.