Aug 5, 2009

Stop The Bulldozer

City Council will meet this evening to consider several proposals and resolutions. It is good that they want to go through legislative procedures to prevent this "misunderstanding" about the parks from occurring in the future, but in the meantime the patient is bleeding to death on the operating table. City Council wants to force an appropriate discussion, the Mayor will not comment until any measure is submitted to a council committee, but in the meantime the bulldozer has it's engine idling.

A citizens petition has asked Council to immediately suspend all implementation of the Cedar Creek Plan. Council has the authority to issue an emergency ordinance ordering the Park Department to cease and desist if there is a clear and present danger to property. There is no property more meaningful to Allentownians than their parks.

Meeting at 7:30 in City Hall

photocredit: Thomas Grim


Anonymous said...

Contempt for the voter:

Just look at the gazebo. Real wood columns, shake shingle roofline, small slender steps. Charm. This gazebo may be symbolic of the city's current mayor’s overall attitude as it appears he wants to destroy this and replace it with plastic and vinyl. A sense of style speaks volumes.

What happens to politicians?
Yesterday's news reported at least one congressman in an effort to forbid public comment at his pro healthcare town hall meetings this August will permit
invitation-only attendance to avoid any public opposing demonstrations to take place similar to those currently posted online.

Anonymous said...

where have you seen a plan to replace anything with plastic and vinyl? in my neighborhood meeting, Greg Weitzel discussed with us replacing trellises with new wood trellises, and there would be no plastic or vinyl added to the gazebos.

If that is not the case, I'd like to see it for myself and share it with our neighbors. Please post the information if you have it!


michael molovinsky said...

sarah, it's nice weitzel came to your neighborhood, it would have more appropriate if he had gone to the neighbors adjoining the park, they're the ones who will be inconvenienced by these new additions. the comment may be referring to the new wedding pavilion. encouraging actual weddings is a new dimension for the garden which will have negative consequences of increased maintenance, wear and tear and congestion. weitzel told the morning call he can add almost 300 parking spaces by simply striping the existing lots. he apparently has more credibility with you than me.

Anonymous said...

to Sarah,
Indeed plans call for vinyl support beams. No way is city going to build wood and fresh paint required upkeep when it can opt out for ease of maintenance, most especially since mayor/city has fired many hard-working park loyal employees.

Anonymous said...

The turn off to park behind Crum Stadium that is heavily used as a cut-through to Cedar Crest Blvd. will bring with it all sorts of traffic congestion issues.

Anonymous said...

MM said:
"weitzel told the morning call he can add almost 300 parking spaces by simply striping the existing lots. he apparently has more credibility with you than me.

August 5, 2009 9:05 AM

Do you mean 300 more parking spaces by the rose garden?

michael molovinsky said...

most of the new parking spaces will be on the cedar pool side. the largest lot will hold 110 cars and be on the north side of the creek, behind the pool and slightly to the east. the lot by the pavilions by cedar crest will be expanded. weitzel saying that most of the new spaces can be created by realigning the lines is absurd.
hopefully council this evening will stand up to this misinformation from the park department. a cease and desist order will gain the time for them to pass their own ordinance through normal procedures. without it i have no doubt weitzel will unleash the bulldozers to create facts on the ground, as he did in the old fashion garden.

ironpigpen said...

What a bunch of BULLY LOSERS (with a bulldozer)

ironpigpen said...

That's right Weitzel, I said YOU ARE A LOSER

You are a SCUMBAG, too

Molovinsky is right about his "facts on the ground"

You are a total PUNK, Weitzel.

Sue me for my opinion

michael molovinsky said...

ironpig, i also have some fear that he will put facts on the ground if anything less than a cease and desist order occurs this evening. however, i would appreciate less charged words in your comments, at least until tomorrow, thanks

ironpigpen said...

We have a Game MVP every day at our place.

Perhaps we need a LOSER Player of the Game, too, now.

We could name the award after Mrs. Mayor's Wife Pawlowski (for using children as political pawns) or Weitzel (for a host of things)


Maybe it is time to stop painting such lovely pictures of Coca-Cola Park over on the East Side and start telling THE TRUTH about crime-ridden and poverty-stricken Allentown and the people who are running it!

(we draw a larger crowd than 99% would guess for a blog about minor league baseball)

Have a nice day with your multi-generational destination playground!



michael molovinsky said...

although i haven't been there, i think the ballpark is one of the most positive things to have happen in allentown in a long time. i have only heard good reports. hopefully this evening, city council will take this opportunity to assert themselves on this most worthwhile issue, and your faith in at least some of our politicians will be renewed.

Anonymous said...

ironpigpen is out of control. mm, I can't believe you are allowing him to continue to call people losers. your willingness to allow him a voice is evidence to me that you agree. so much for expressing an opinion. this is just downright insulting.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 1:54, generally his comments are most welcome. i do not approve of his recent comments. i allowed them because although he uses a pen name, he is not anonymous.
i believe he (one of two brothers) got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, and i would appreciate if he would delete the comments.

ironpigpen said...

Bullies With Bulldozers Advocating The USE of CHILDREN As Political Props For Favorable Media Coverage With THE HURRY, HURRY, HURRY - RUSH RUSH RUSH Mentality

So Typical Of The National Dems These Days From Our Local Leaders, how wonderful.


Formally gave up on the City of Allentown (Country not far behind)

6:52 PM / August 5, 2009


PS - How is the food at Johnny Manana's these days?