Jul 11, 2009

Rose Garden Wedding Pavilion

For over sixty years brides have been photographed in the rose garden. Although this tradition is somewhat of an inconvenience upon those there to view the flowers, who could not wish even a stranger best wishes on their special day. It seems as if we were not hospitable enough; our "new to town" mayor, and our "new to town" park director have a better idea. A pavilion is being built which will accommodate actual weddings. One can only imagine the wear and tear this ill conceived horror plan will have on our historic garden. No need to buy flowers, just pick a few. Whatever is thrown at the bride will litter the ground. Whatever is drunk in celebration, will overflow the trash receptacles. Parking will increase drastically, but worry not, there is a suggestion to allow diagonal parking. In my youth, the homes across from the Rose Garden was millionaires row. I can only hope those current residents appreciate festivity. On Monday I will make a suggestion how others can join me, and defend our park against this most unwanted intrusion.


Anonymous said...

What a joke. I guess next there will be hot dog carts on the boulevard and Pennywise the clown to entertain the kids.

The administrators of this city are blithering fools. They need to address the real issues in the city.

I wonder if all of his political supporters and campaign managers who live on millionaires row ever thought of the impact on their property values.

If the mayor has his way it will be a 365 day a year carnival.

ironpigpen said...

I know Mal Gross personally, let's just say from the neighborhood growing up.

I just cannot believe he is down with all of this, even though, apparently, he is.

I grew up at 27th and Allen. I am EXCEPTIONALLY well aware of this neighborhood, the Cedar Beach Park area involving Rose Gardens.

The "millionaires" row you spoke of, I always thought that stretch between Ott and Cedar Crest was such a lovely drive.

Diagonal Parking changes that whole scenery drastically and NOT FOR THE BETTER.

Who the f#^7 ever said change is ALWAYS GOOD???

Losers who want to get paid, that's who. Special interests groups promoting their own special interests, that's who. Politicians who NEED votes to desperately cling to personal ego and power, that's who.

Most of my friends who live downtown HATE this project. It is NOT for them, they will point out.

Is there ANYBODY (other than those seeking to get paid) who actually supports this proposed Michael Jackson Neverland East?


Stop destroying Allentown's history and culture in the name of political power and special interests.

Or continue to become annoyed with my Constitutional right to dissent peacefully.

It's a reasonable enough offer. Take it!

BTW Molovinsky, you missed a wonderful ubran rally on 7th and Hamilton Street today.

Lots of wonderful music DJed by --- NYC.COM

Allenown really, really, really needs to get it's head of the sand.

Or just change the damn city named to NYC-South once and for all and be done.

Allentown will NEVER be an All-American city again.

Because America is a horrible place (arrogant, too) that is unjust and fair and only got to where they are because the privilidged class ruthlessly exploited the poor unmericifully at every opportunity.

Obama will get everything straightened out, have not fear!

michael molovinsky said...

my apology to alfonso for not attending, i did enjoy his event last year.

to private not for print: i studied the mud slide today in lehigh parkway, from both the top and bottom. it appears as if they diverted the storm water runoff from catalina down a pipe into the park. i believe that clearcut and subsequent erosion is from that 'plumbing' project, not an electrical feed to lights in parkway. that 'plumbing' project may have been ill advised because the slope there is about 80degrees up to lehigh parkway south, way too steep to recover from any disruption. i will make inquires to the city engineering dept.

- said...

Excellent work Michael. Will keep watching.

Deed Checker said...

Check the deeds on the rose garden properties. I believe you will find that there are restrictions. Restrictions are only good when someone knows about them and requests enforcement.

Anonymous said...

There is a basketball tournament at Cedar Beach this week. It is jammed.

I am coming down Hamilton Street in the middle of a thunder storm and a bunch of people (30+ vehicles) decide to leave the festivities.

They simply drive across the grass and the curb onto Hamilton St. I guess that is why there are so many SUVs in Allentown.

Would love to see the condition of the park on Monday morning. Good planning park staff.

What will it be like when it goes Super?

LVCI said...

Satirically speaking: Diagonal parking- Since the city's coming up short, they might as well put parking meters there while they're at it. Might as well fence it in too and charge admission on wedding days. Maybe a party tent rentals stand awarded to a city favored concessionaire?

Disclaimer: If somebody from the city is reading this.. I'M KIDDING!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike and all good people: Please will someone do something about this park overgrowth. I don't care what is supposed to do. Today I saw a man lurking in the bushes. What a security issue this is. You can't see from one side of the creek to the other. It is really dangerous. We have young college kids who sunbath and who knows who is lurking. Today, sunday there were teenagers playing touch football near the pavilions. Look at the grass. What is happening? It is disgusting. Like i said, just bring in the circus.

Chris Casey said...

Nice use of the Beetlejuice picture Mike.
Once upon a time, in 1996, I lived at Tilghman and Berks. The lovely wife and I were Newlyweds. I could walk to Woody's and get a haircut, (I Still had hair then!)
Walk to the farmers market, and enjoy the 19th street theater district. Had a nice restaurant there called the Shanty once too.

But the Gimmee's from NYC started branching out. (Thanks Dadonna) After one too many break ins we took an opportunity to get out.
It took years for Allentown to get here, and previous administrations have to shoulder their share of blame.
But that doesn't mean I don't think what is being done to Cedar Beach is not a travesty.

I am close to General; Trexler's grave weekly. I do think that some of the damage up at Fairview is not just from Groundhogs tunneling everywhere. I do believe he may be spinning in his grave. Check out the deed restrictions, it would not hurt.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, weddings tend to bring out the best and worst in us and drinking doesn't help. It will be impossible for one or two weddings to not have after-event brawls take to the street.
Good luck to the "Boulevard."

Anonymous said...

To July 11, 6:20 post.

We too see SUVs simply drive over park sidewalks and curbs all the time.

Anonymous said...

No angled parking proposed on Parkway Blvd near the homes. That idea is proposed for the Blvd on the eastern side of Lake Muhlenberg.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 9:11, perhaps the neighbors will allow the wedding parties to use their drive-ways and bathrooms.

Anonymous said...

While we'er at it we should put big walls up around the parks and a lock on the door so we can keep everyone out! That way we can make sure it doesn't get damaged, changed or used ever!!
Good call folks!