Jun 22, 2009

A Week Too Long

These disposable table cloths were left on the Cedar Beach picnic tables on June 13. By tuesday the 16th, I began to wonder how long they would stay there? Although the trash can nearby was emptied on regular basis throughout the week, the cloths remained as a flag on relevant questions about the new park plan. How can the City really create maintenance intensive new park features when they apparently cannot handle the existing work load? Yesterday, eight days later, a park volunteer finally removed these eyesores.

Addendum: I have corrected the dates


Anonymous said...

This photo speak volumes. A few days ago, someone on your blog criticized another's suggestion that Allentown daily clean its public park restrooms in an effort to show community pride and to provide sanitary conditions.
Your writer said Allentown's parks shouldn’t look like Ritz Carltons. Since this person did not offer an alternative suggestion as to how to maintain city public restrooms, are we to suspect their answer is “never."
Many municipalities "shower down" their public park restrooms every day if not multiple times each day in an effort to Additionally, amusement parks, camp sites, and children camps also daily clean their restrooms.

Anonymous said...

7 P.M. Monday June 22

Sometimes ya gota call 'em as ya see 'em. Tonight at 6 p.m. some runners stopped by the public restrooms by Bogert's Bridge and the Hunter's Cabin. All reported the interiors were immaculate: scrubbed sink, washed floor, soap dispenser filled. Very very good report.

If we may offer a little suggestion to park officials. A cutely designed sign (perhaps a miniature Bogert's Bridge created by Artist Bruce Solt) to indicate
these rest facilities are
across the bridge from the public parking lot near the credit union would do wonders for out-of-towners unfamiliar with the park
and its restroom locations.

Anonymous said...


So, just how are we going to keep the soon-to-be built largest
playground in the East clean?

Maybe you might have time to
contact Weitzel and ask him because according to city hall,
staff cuts are eminent.

Morning Call: Thurs, June 23:
"In April, Balzano told The Morning Call that members are operating in city departments that are woefully understaffed, saying ''this time around, the city is going to have to look at other places than the SEIU.
The city is short -staffed in a number of areas after Pawlowski and City Council agreed to save $2.6 million this year by not filling open positions. As of March 31, city records showed more than 70 open positions, from park maintenance workers to paramedics. The city employs more than 900 people."

Joe Hilliard said...

So Allentown is short 70 workers from maintenance workers to pararmedics. Yet, two years ago we had at least 59 extra bureaucrats at City Hall.

What are the priorities of the Pawlowski administration and City Hall?

Maybe they should trim the fat of managers and administrators and focus on hiring the essential personnel?