May 16, 2009

Republican 800 lb. Gorilla

We learn from Renshaw, on the Queen City Blog, that Lou Hershman is asking Republican super-voters to write him in on tuesday. Thanks Lou, for trying to provide voters with some democracy come November. While the Democrats fielded seven candidates for the four slots, the Republicans only have one candidate, Joe Brudnak. I urge anybody to follow Lou's footsteps and offer themselves as a write-in on the Republican ticket.

Although I'm not sure of the rules, apparently they need not even be a Republican. I offer space on this blog to promote anybody who would come forward for Tuesday's election.


Chris Casey said...

Norning' Mike!

I have a suggestion for some of the Mayor's sharpest critics.

Get on the phone, and start calling the republicans in your neighborhood, and ask them to write in your name.

Four years ago I needed to get 10 write in votes to get on the ballot in UMac, and I rounded up over 50 in 4 preconcts.

It can be done, with some effort.

I applaud Democracy in action.
Call friends, and have them call friends. Sure you might get clobbered in November, but you will also draw healthy debate and attention to the issues.

Anonymous said...

if Lou fails to be nominated as a D, he's done (sorry, but R's lose in Allentown general elections). My guess, he won't be nominated. I've swamped with Schlossberg, D'Amore and Guridy mailers. Schlossberg and D'Amore have each knocked on my door. Howells will win b/c he is who he is (though it would be nice if he just retired an went away). The rest have done little to nothing to tell me what they will do on city council.

Anonymous said...

For the record Mike D'Amore also is running a write in on the Republican side. Chris in Allentown you need 100 minimum to get on the ballot.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 11:18, for the record, D'Amore is the antithesis of any version of a Republican. I cannot recommend his name for a Republican write-in

Anonymous said...

I (a Republican) received a phone message today from a woman who identified herself only as "a voter" --- and the caller ID showed this "voter" was calling me from Greenville MI. She was calling to tell me to NOT vote for Lou. Her only reason was that he voted for the police pensions, and that this has hurt the city financially. Someone must view Lou as enough of a threat to be financing this. There was no info on who was calling or who they represent.

Anonymous said...

The sad truth is that the GOP is dead in the City of Allentown. Lou Hershman offers the only chance for any checks and balances at City Hall. No doubt Palowski et al are running the phone campaign against Hershman – that costs big money and Ed is the only one sitting on a war chest.

Fact - All the incumbent Democrats (Howells, Guridy and D”amore) endorse the Mayor on his website and he has sent letters to voters on their behalf. His Chicago style politics is BAD for Allentown. Allentown has evolved from one-party rule to one man rule.

For instance – how many audits has controller Hoffman published in the past 2 years? We remember the Mayor fundraising on his behalf and donating $5000 to his campaign and spending another $5000 on a mailer. The Mayor endorsed Donovan and Eichenwald 2 years ago and now they endorse the Mayor on his website. The irony of this is that they are two members of the committee chartered to investigate the Mayor’s Play and Pay activities, his soliciting money from those who have contracts with the city. Yeah, they will be independent, just like Hoffman, who said he will be independent but has not said a thing in two years!!

AND LET US NOT FORGET, regarding the infamous police pensions. It was Howells, Guridy and Hershman, and 4 others who approved Afflerbach’s offer to the police (which quite frankly was a done deal regardless of what council did, that is why it is called binding arbitration). And then to their credit, they three tried to sue to stop it after the actuary had lied to council. BUT, the new mayor (palowski) and the Morning Call in an editorial, urged council to drop the lawsuit. How comes the Mayor never likes to talk about his role in the police pension issue?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I will post an OT comment here if permitted.

The Villas, on their blog, have characterized your "Allentown Speak Out Forum" as a "KvetchFest." Maybe I'm wrong, but I can't avoid the feeling that there is an anti-Semitic overtone and anattempt to describe you as a "whining" Jew.

In view of the anti-Semiticism that remains prevalent today and the senseless slaughter of millions of innocent Jews during the Holocaust, I am disgusted by their use of that description.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, interesting placement of the comment; although it pertains to the Allentown Speak Out, the Villa's are the 800 lb. gorilla in the blogosphere. no, i don't believe they are anti-semitic, but they are sociopaths. already one person asked, in reference to them, if security is necessary. (i will make arrangements for her peace of mind). the villa's, both angie and bill, no longer have any use for truth or people. their photo of me as g. kravitz, is actually photo-chopped from one with angie next to me. my posts two years ago about greg weaver inspired her to start the chen art group. her accusation that i don't support that group is false. their accusation that i am a member of the troll blog is false; out of 600 comments there, mostly by bill villa himself, only 9 are from me. their 3% comment is very misleading; i ran as a third party independent candidate. their comment character "city official" gloats about the support given them by joyce marin and ed pawlowski. public officials paid by our tax dollars should be ashamed that they have enabled the villa's to insult such a growing number of elected officials and citizens. bill villa claims donovan's broken face bone is karma for not supporting him(villa). two of the bloggers they routinely mock now have also suffered the loss of a child. this blog and others are now moderated to filter his insults, which pepper the entire local blogosphere, from early in the morning to late evening every day. interesting how a guy like villa, who calls people coward and chicken, all day sends anonymous insults.

Anonymous said...

Someone said: "Schlossberg and D'Amore have each knocked on my door."

This writer has seen Schlossberg all over town. He's got good
advisors because although he's
a shoe-in, he still is showing voters some respect whether sincere or not. As for Howells, why doesn't he retire. He's
been on city council what...25 years! Enough already. Allow someone new to have a chance.

Anonymous said...

"The Mayor endorsed Donovan and Eichenwald 2 years ago and now they endorse the Mayor on his website. The irony of this is that they are two members of the committee chartered to investigate the Mayor’s Play and Pay activities,"

Eichenwald is the most disappointing of all current council. Never would have believed how poorly she now conducts herself.

Anonymous said...

Never met the Villas but read a great deal about them. Didn't this couple just win $1M settlement in the tragic death of their beloved daughter? Perhaps the time has come for them to take their grief and their talents and channel all to positive goals. There are so many homeless and hungry children in Allentown, Perhaps they could volunteer at a shelter to help those in need. Cannot imagine how much sorrow they feel, but volunteering to help others, just might bring a little peace.

J. BLACK said...

This is a little OT, but:

So, the Morning Call can report on robberies, murders, and arrests but nothing about the positive event that occured yesterday in downtown Allentown ?

The International Peace Parade held yesterday was awesome! It was a beautiful sight to see all of the different flags, nationalities, and cultures come together and march from downtown Allentown to Bucky Boyle Park! This was needed and appreciated! I have to give a "shout out" to the Arts Illuminarium, Pana Columbus, the artist, Yodi, and every group, volunteer and spectator that came out to make this event happen! Who said that only the West Side can have decent events? The colors, the excitement, the cultural exchange and conversations, and the neighborhoods that normally get nothing but police activity and negative publicity are finally starting to obtain what they have needed all along to improve themselves: utilization, inclusion, and respect.