May 25, 2009

A Field Of Dreams

In the movie, Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner builds a ballpark in a corn field. Here in Allentown, Lanta is proposing to tear down a ball park, Bicentennial Field, to build a garage for hybrid buses, which will burn corn oil. I don't think much of Lanta. I saw their arrogance in action when they sacrificed the Hamilton Street merchants to justify their new Transportation Terminal. My fellow blogger, Bernie O'Hare, has more respect for government, authorities and boards. His journalistic, researched posting * on a recent board nominee, Steve Schmitt, credits the bike racks on the front of the buses to this individual. Here is where Bernie and I turn off on separate paths; Now, if those bike racks were for half-wits,** as portrayed by Pee Wee, I would have no problem. Now, if those bike racks were intended for the poor, who owned no car, I would have no problem. But Schmitt's motivation was neither poverty or mental infirmity; He is one of those alternative transportation, spandex wearing, starbuck drinking cyclists, who know it all, and justify taking the buses off Hamilton Street and tearing down a ballpark. To set the record straight, although Schmitt is Mr. Bike Rack, I'm using him to stereotype the board of directors who generally have too much self esteem and not enough common sense. If they insist on hybrid buses and recycled Starbuck cardboard cups, fine; but find someplace else for the garage. Don't tear down a field of dreams for generations of little league, don't tear down an icon which would cost millions to replace. Please join me this coming Saturday and speak out against this pending mistake.


** not an official term of the American Psychological Association


Anonymous said...

Icon? Bicentennial Park? After only 30 years? Corn-based fuel? I don't think so. Try diesel electric.
As to the Park...I still resent the girl's pro softball team, PHILADELPHIA Force going to Bicen after the Allentown Patriots did yeoman's work to get them to play here in Allentown....presumably at Pates. ECTB? Who goes to those games other than player's families. I don't even see coverage in the local press. You talk about what it would cost to replace a baseball field? Try replacing a modern transportation facility for 150 buses. I've heard $40-million....and it would most likely not be built in Allentown. And we sure can use the taxes from the few hundred people who work for the metro bus.

michael molovinsky said...

lanta and bicentennial have coexisted on that space for over 70 years. before lanta it was the trolley yard, before bicentennial it was fairview field. there is room for a hybrid garage on the lanta yard space, if not, that particular garage only, could be off site. lanta operated until last year without it's terminal at 6th and linden, and served allentown better without it. in the same-way, lanta is anxious to throw the
merchants under the bus to harvest a $4 million grant in easton. i'm tired of their bluffs and ultimatums.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote: "And we sure can use the taxes from the few hundred people who work for the metro bus."

Q: Name taxes and how many LANTA employees.
We’ve heard that same song before... Destroy this to build that and just see tax benefit to city.
Look at city debt right now. All
past destruction/new construction yet has balanced budget.
Destroy that park, when directly across street tons of former factory structures easily could be converted and converted "green" with huge tax incentives and great press to accommodate this new bus terminal.

LANTA terminal not worth destruction of that park.

As for $40 Million, where did you get that figure! $40 Million. Please! Why not say $100 Million.

Anonymous said...

Call Thursday reports:

"PennDOT projects are shaded 'green'
Lehigh Valley region to get $13.3 million in state, federal funding for 11 initiatives
May 28, 2009
Eleven ''transportation enhancement'' projects in the Lehigh Valley region, primarily involving sidewalks, greenways and bicycle lanes, will receive a combined $13.3 million in state and federal funding through a program intended to promote such initiatives, state officials said Wednesday."

LANTA easily could get funds for
Mack 5C transformation.