Feb 10, 2009

Mayor Blows Smoke Up Puff Bloggers' Behind

A local puff/hate blog currently has an interview with Mayor Pawlowski. Talk about bad timing, the mayor is asked about previous accusations of favoritism shown to the Brew Works. Mayor Ed denies the rumors and goes on to state he supports any business which contributes to Allentown. The displaced owner of the golf course concession might take exception with that statement. Mr. Stanley, after operating the Sand Trap Grill for ten years, was outbid not by price, but by a "better" answer; and the winner was the Brew Works, what a small world. Councilman Peter Schweyer apparently knew Stanley was a goner before he did. The mayor was also "confused" with at least one other answer, but he did pick the appropriate blog for half-truths.


Bernie O'Hare said...

The Villas are blowing smoke of their own, too. Most of the questions in that faux interview, as you know, were from Villa and his wife. Jdg, Jo Jo & Jon are ALL Villa, who actually enlisted the Allentown mayor, wittingly or unwittingly, in a charade.

Why not? If they play their cards right, there's a grant in it for them. They are working on getting a lease for the property right next to the ABW. "There is apparently the possibility of grant money also."

If this means that a ten-year golf course restaurant owner gets chucked on his ass, so be it.


michael molovinsky said...

bernie, surely the questions and answers were a charade, however, we differ about the art group, they are separate issues. if the chen art group ends up with an exhibition space, even grant supported, that's a positive for allentown.

Anonymous said...

Mr Molovinsky,
Bernie O'hare has made many accusations here. Does he have any proof? I ask this as a third party observer. They make the same claims about him? Who is to say they aren't telling the truth about the comments on his blog?
Bernie used to be a friend to employees of Northampton County, now he calls us greedy.
I don't believe him anymore, why should you, or anyone else?

Mayor Pawlowski deserves scrutiny, but is anybody looking at our Mayor's finances? Does John Callahan have any special relationships with the Casino?

michael molovinsky said...

anon 6:47, i also claim and know as a fact that the villa's post under a cast of names. i also know some of the people who comment on O'Hare's blog, that the villa's claim are made-up, their not. villa routinely accuses others of doing what he does, it seems to amuse him; believe who you will.
i have no knowledge of northampton or the accuracy of bernie's comments about it. here in allentown he has been spot correct. personally, i wouldn't describe pawlowski as pay to play, but certainly cronyism, arrogance and plans too big for allentown's realIty and success. i also separate my issue's with the villa's from the chen art group, which i support.

A.J.C. said...

They didn't even sit down with the Mayor - it wasn't a real interview.

As usual, nobody cares.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Do I have proof? How about several emails from Villa in which he would proudly take credit for anonymous comments on my blog and on other blogs? How about what he has personally admitted to several of us? How about a sitemeter that shows the same IPs for comments from these sock puppets as appears when Villa comments as himself? Yeah, I can prove it.

As far as I am concerned, I won't ever comment anonymously or under any sock puppet. At the bottom of my blog there is a sitemeter that lists my blog's visitors and contains tracking infgormation. You will notice that the partial IPs for my comments are always different from the IPs for the names that Villa suggests I impersonate.

Villa, like Goebbels, believes that if you repeat lies often enough, people will believe them. But they are still lies.

As far as Mayor Callahan is concerned, I agree he deserves scrutiny. That goes for all elected officials. But casino operators may not by law make any political contributions.

MM, you'll forgive me for going slightly OT. I have always defended NC workers. What I resent is the stupidity of their union leaders in trying to have council engineer the termination of the human resources director. The reason that is stupid is because council can turn around and do it to any one of them.

MM, I understand we disagree about the Chen arts group. I believe they are positioning themselves for a free lease or grants from the city. They can't be involved in politics while simultaneously seeking grants, at least not if they intend to form a nonprofit.

michael molovinsky said...

proof that villa posts anonymously? how about villa's apology to me last year, which he posted on my blog;

"Michael Molovinsky is welcome any time at the "Lehigh Valley Somebody" blog. Michael and I had a lengthy phone conversation yesterday and I trust that things are OK again between us. I admitted and apologized to Michael for having posted several anonymous "snarks" at him recently that called into question his motives regarding Fairview Cemetery, ..."

in regard to the chen art group gallery; by coincidence 30 years ago there was a artist co-op gallery in the same space. at that time the organizers were apolitical and had no connection to city government. although i would prefer that model again, it would still be a positive thing if once again there is a venue to show local art.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Villa has admitted his anonymouse behaviot on my blog as far back as December '07. I was posting a series of diaries that my father had written after being released as a WWII POW. My brother had only recently discovered them.

He also found a letter my father wrote to the Defence Department, concerning a fellow POW who had been executed by firing squad for stealing a jar of string beans.

To me, this was and remains emotional stuff.

Villa responded to this post anonymously, with comments like these:


"What I find boring and offensive is Berney trying to associate and appropriate these genuinely precious greatest generaton vibes with .. himself. Ick. And zzzz."

"Thank God for The Morning Call and Glenn Kranzley. We are so lucky to have such a fine newspaper serving the Lehigh Valley. Also, nice that you have an "in" there!"

When I noted that I knew who wss making this comments, Villa popped on to say.

"Bernie, ya got me. And while there's no good excuse for what I've done here, by way of explanation I'm frustrated with you because you never address any of my ..."

For a brief moment, Villa's humanity appeared. It's gone now and he will stoop to any level to deal with whoever is in his way.

Politically Neutral said...

Also duped by a Villa email under the assumed name of another blogger. As well in a face to face admission Villa took pride in relating how he posts under multiple names.

The Chen arts group is doomed with Villa - "Willa", in my native tongue, in a leadership (sic) role.

He or they, if there is a difference, is/are far too divisive to manage the responsibility of a grant financed venture.

There are artists from Allentown who go to the the Banana Factory in Bethlehem, for art activities, rather than deal with the supreme narcissists of Allentown.

Bryan said...

What bothers me the most about that interview are the comments. I've been around the internet for a long time. I know for a fact that if anyone posts anything in a forum it will receive negative replies. Especially regarding politics. That's just a fact of the internet. But the comments about that interview were all AMAZINGLY positive. I don't understand that. I can only conclude that either the blog operator is deleting negative comments or, he is posting the positive ones under assumed names as Bernie mentioned here.

What bothers me about this is that the Mayor appeared on that blog. Any political figure must do research before allowing themselves to be associated with an individual or group. By doing this interview on an obviously censored blog, the mayor sends a message to us. He supports the censoring of commentary and the use of deceit. The other option is that he is ignorant to the tactics this person is using. If that is the case this man should not be in office. It is his duty and responsibility as an elected official to be knowledgeable and informed about where he chooses to be seen.

It disturbs me to believe that this is the leader of our city. I hope he realizes what is going on on that blog and makes amends with the people. Otherwise, this raises a few eyebrows. Particularly if Bernie or Michael provide documented proof of foul play on that blog. Remember what happened to Obama with Reverend Wright? Same deal here.

michael molovinsky said...

bryan, the mayor knows full well the nature of the villa blog. although villa recently wrote a post about the forum at the morning call, he himself posts there anonymously, i paste up a comment i put on bernie's blog recently:

"i may be better served to ignore this, however as i write, bill villa bashes the morning call participating bloggers as contributing to the hate forum by not protesting the topix forum and it's anonymous comments. it's know that occasionally mr. villa has business in nyc. yesterday on villa's blog his last comment appeared at 6:04 am. then at 9:25 an anon comment bashing kranzley and the call. at 9;30 am. this comment appeared on the topix forum, signed "blumberg" from nyc;

"in the 2005 Allentown mayoral election, Mayor Pawlowski got a huge mandate by garnering a whopping 59% of the popular vote. Allentown mayoral hopeful, Mike Molovinsky, got 3%. Mike, when will you ease up on your vendetta with Mayor Pawlowski? It's not healthy. Please get the help you need to move on with your life."

no further comments appeared on the villa blog until 6:43pm, then this posted by villa

Anon Wed Jan 07, 01:31:00PM accurately predicted Allentown Mayoral Hopeful Mike (3%) "MM" Molovinsky who's in today's "newspaper" griping about (surprise surprise) Mayor Ed (59%) Pawlowski!

although this is not legal evidence, unless there's a blumberg in nyc obsessed with me, it strongly suggests bill villa posts himself anonymously on the topix"

bryan, as you can see on the villa blog, i'm repeatedly referred to as 3% mayoral hopeful. he has so many sock puppets he occasionally gets them confused. my conclusion is that pawlowski is so arrogant about the winning the election he simply doesn't care about credibility. i do believe there was perhaps a condition or two imposed by pawlowski for allowing his answers to be published by villa; villa has refrained all day from calling me or o'hare names, i'm sure we will get bashed repeatedly by his cast of characters in the next posting. your correct, agreeing to be interviewed on a blog which routinely deceives, doesn't say much for the regard the mayor has for the citizens.

Politically Neutral said...

It amazes me how some people commit such incredibly dumb and stupid acts and are so arrogant they really think no one else will ever figure it out.

MM your assessment of the thread of contributors from NY is right on. I have noticed it as well.

In addition I also believe Mayor Ed knew exactly what he was doing when he agreed to the interview with Mr. Willa.

Seems they must think a like. Brings to mind an old expression "not the smartest cans of paint in the road".

Big Ed lost votes and support on that interview. That was just a stupid thing to do. No political upside on that at all.

Anonymous said...

Bryan - being the mayor of our city is not necessarilly the same as being the leader of our city.

You can always be elected mayor but you need to earn the title leader.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness, we did an interview with Tony Phillips on www.lifestylesofthegss.piczo.com Since I have a non-profit, www.projectreal.piczo.com I cannot actually endorse ANYONE, but I did agree to do this interview for Lifestyles of the GSS and to give Tony equal time in our blogosphere. I believed i stayed neutral. Tell me what you think...

Alfonso Todd