Jan 10, 2009

State Of Distress

Yesterday, Mayor Ed Pawlowski gave the State of the City Address to the Rotary Club, in essence his kickoff speech for the 2009 November election. By default, I'm one of the existing experts on the difference between what Pawlowski promises, and what he delivers. Daryl Nerl, The Morning Call reporter who covered the 2005 election is no longer with the paper. William Heydt, Pawlowski's main opponent, with the exception of defending his legacy, remains silent. In 2005 I took Pawlowski to task for his penchant for slogans, especially Weed and Seed. Annoyed, he would defend it by saying at least it's a strategy. Yesterday, not surprisingly, Pawlowski didn't concede Weed and Seed wasn't the crime stopper he promised. His new panacea for public safety is Community Policing. Interestingly, he now touts improving customer service in City Hall. There is little mention of his previous plan, as Afflerbach's Community Development Director, of One Stop Service. Despite spending 3 million dollars, that slogan never materialized into a reality. The rental inspection program has moved to the Bridgework Building, and there is less centralization than ever. Although he didn't credit himself, Pawlowski has done an excellent job distributing grants and favors to different constituencies necessary for re-election. According to Jarrett Renshaw, who covered the speech for The Morning Call, apparently nobody snickered when Pawlowski described borrowed money as a budget surplus. Renshaw, new to the city beat, has been doing an excellent job providing a frame of reference for all claims made.


Anonymous said...

"customer service in City Hall" ...give me a break.

city employees are the rudest, least helpful public officials i have come across. there isn't even an office in the lobby to guide a citizen to the correct floor for their particlar problem.

Anonymous said...


Another excellent post, thanks for having the fortitude to continue to pay attention to the ugly nonsense that is Allentown city government.

Scott Armstrong