Dec 21, 2008

Villa Ahead of O'Hare

Bill Villa brays this morning that for the first time his blog is rated higher than Bernie O'Hare's in the BlogNet Ratings. Bill's accomplishment was achieved by posting over two hundred off topic insulting comments himself, on his wife's post concerning women's rights. Congratulations Bill Villa, you are remarkable!

Photo Information: This is a promotional postcard from the 1940's for the traveling vaudeville magic act by Allentown magician Herman Weber. Courtesy of the Bill Weber Collection.


Anonymous said...

just keep poking... you guys are really starting to act like pathetic middle schoolers. All of you: o'hare, villa... the whole lot.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 12:14, i hear you. if the truth be known, i stumbled upon the magic act promotion photo right after reading villa's self aggrandizing comment, and couldn't resist, sorry