Dec 13, 2008

76 trombones

Congratulations to Angie Villa (Mrs. Dottie) for championing women's rights on her blog, Lehigh Valley Somebody. As Sasha Curvaceaux so amply put it, " And thanks Mrs. Dottie for covering Womens' Rights Issues! So many other local bloggers just grind their own agenda axes incessantly (BORE-ing!)". What Sasha didn't know then, in the fourth comment, was that comments 7 through 110 would be the Villa's grinding their own agenda axe. Using Sasha, and their whole cast of made up commentators, they attack, antagonize and provoke their growing enemy list in an unbelievable, egoistical, pathological display of aggression.


Bernie O'Hare said...

I have to second your congratulations. Out of one side of her mouth, Mrs. (not Ms.) Dottie trumpets women's rights. Out of the other side, she encourages and enables her husband's sexist and homosphobic rants. I have called her a Stepford wife for this very reason, and I think that must be apparent by now to anyone who has read the post and comments that MM mentioned.

If you disagree in any way with Villa, he will start impersonating you on his and other blogs, attributing outrageous statements to you that you never made. He even did that to a Catholic priest.

Lovely people.

The kind that plaster your address over the Internet and then tell you to keep your door dead-bolted 24/7. But that's not a threat.

michael molovinsky said...

posted on villa's blog;

"It's not like the Dali Exhibition" said...
Screw Molovinsky too. He keeps butting in, and fanning the flames, as if there will be no consequences for him doing that.

Thu Dec 11, 07:35:00 PM 2008

i already received an email from one of villa's other victims, saying that i made a mistake with this post, that villa will only become more vicious and aggressive toward me. i have been attacked by him since august, when i declined to take a side in his dispute with another. the above quote by villa is intended to intimidate me from defending myself. this tactic has been very successful for him with many people he has attacked and insulted. they hope to appease him and minimize their punishment. i must also express disappointment that so many others in the local blogosphere that remain silent about his anti-social behavior.

Anonymous said...


Ever since all of this crap with the Villas I have spent less and less time on blogs.

I went on to LVS to look at the 100 plus posts and almost vomited. The ramblings contained on that site constitute some of the most twisted stuff I have ever read.

Truly I pray for those two and hope someday they see how damaging their actions have been.

I know them and stay away. I also stay away from many community activities since I do not want to deal with them.

While I feel sorry for their loss i.e. Bills'' daughter, he ought to get a grip and get on with life.

There comes a point where grieving becomes pathological and he at least has long passed that point.

He wants the whole world to pay for his loss.

I have never seen such divisive and damaging efforts. The amount of time devoted to it is equally amazing.

I know he files multiple posts. He told me in person. It was then that I realized what must lie below the surface.

This whole thing is sad and pathetic. It is one of the downsides of the internet.

I guess everyone can get an audience. Even if you create it yourself.

This is really disheartening. Honestly the best way to deal with them is to try and ignore them and pray for them.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 3:20. i agree with all your perceptions about them. most of their occasional victims do ignore them, both to avoid the "punishment" and also, because they hid behind his tragic loss and refer to themselves as grieving parents, and the victim of the person defending himself. they feel entitled to imply the most horrendous accusations against their perceived enemies. occasionally, someone must stand up against their obsessions and manipulations.

Anonymous said...


With their attempts to impugn others and stifle productive discourse, they (Dottie & Bill Villa) have succeeded only in harming their own reputations.
They are simply pathetic figures.

Scott Armstrong

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 3:20,

At the time you posted this comment, I was just pulling off Route 80 on my way to Osceola Mills. MM knows I was going away today, and even I can't blog and write simultaneously. Yet I see that Villa has attributed your anonymous comment to me.

I am honored.

Like you, Villa has bragged to me in the past about posting anonymous snarks on my and other blogs. He has also admitted it in conversation.

Tonight, this faux liberal claims that MM and I are engaged in homosexual behavior. What I find disturbing about that is not the claim about MM or me, but the fact that he would disparage gay activity. Amazingly, he does this as a comment in a post that was supposed to be about women's rights. Aren't gay people victimized enough?

In this single comment thread alone, Villa has done the following{

1) falsely claimed that I and 2 other blogger were sending him comments as Sheena Villa, "writing from hell." I have never seen any such kind of comment anywhere. No one has done that. Villa has fabricated the whole thing, and is using his dead daughter as a weapon.

2) posted my home address repeatedly, despite 2 requests that he redact it. In '06, I did inadverdently post my home addy, but redacted it Fri. night and updated my blog post to reflect the redaction and the reason for it. Doesn't matter to Villa yhat he is in direct violation of Blogger's Terms of Service.

4) threatened me to keep my door dead-bolted 24/7.

5) refused to remove that threat.

6) disparaged the gay community.

7) threatened to publicize MM's home addy.

michael molovinsky said...

interesting, that when someone writes something critical of villa, like the banker or anon3:20, he claims that bernie wrote it, while at the same time he and his wife dialogue with made-up foo foo, sasha curvaceaux, joshua t, jo jo, etc. they start out talking about women's rights or jfk, and then reduce it to a juvenile hate blog calling people names. dottie suggested someone could be a 'community activist' like her by avoiding and attacking those on her enemy list. they have evolved into a mean-spirited, egocentric tag team of recrimination.

Anonymous said...

my God people. You are ALL acting like 14 year olds.

They are wackos. why dignify their posts? Nobody really cares except the couple dozen people who post here and on other blogs. In a region as large as ours, your time and energy is better spent on gov't, social capital ventures and politics. You lower your credibility by even wasting time to post about this.

I know i won't be back to any of you for a while.

Concerned observer said...

Question: I thought Alex hadn't been ordained yet?
Has it occurred to anyone that all you are doing is puttng further gas on Mr. Villa's fire?

I can't see either Bernie Or Mike as victims, when they do everything they can to prolong the fight.

I have come to agree with a mutual acquantaince who believes that all involved can't control their worst impulse, and can't communicate with each other by any other way but insults.

So when is someone going to do the right thing and renounce all this?

michael molovinsky said...

anon 1:33, apparently you think i deserved to have my blog highjacked because i declined to take a side in a dispute between villa and someone else. apparently you think i deserve to receive vile insults because i said i understood why some other highjacked victims started a troll blog. apparently you do not differentiate between defensive and offensive comments. this posting was done after villa posted 108 comments on one post, many directed at me. since this post, he had commented 52 more times,again many directed at me. what should i renounce, that i will be insulted and take it? please understand villa has been doing this attack mode since august.
p.s. is it alright to mock alex because he's still in the seminary?

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Concerned observer" would be a lot more concerned if he was one of Villa's many targets and was identified by name.

Let me get this straight - it's OK to smear Father Alex because he is not completely ordained? It is wrong to smear Father Alex. Period. And let me explain that he has been ordained as a Cantor. It's a two-step process in the Maranite Catholic church.

According to Concerned Observer, it's also OK to smear MM, me, The Banker, Dave Najarian, Michael Donovan, AJ, etc. We all just insult each other so we get what's coming, right?


Some of these people have done nothing, but are attacked anyway. And there is simply no justification for repeatedly posting my private home address, especially after being asked not to do so. There is no justification for threatening someone to keep his door bolted 24/7. None. No amount of imagined instigation justifies that violent remark. There is no justification for threatening to come aftyer njarian with "both barrels," as Villa has done. No justification for telling MM to cross to the other side of the street. No justification for impersonating real people and mying to his readers.

You are attempoting to blame all of us for the hateful behavior of two people - Bill and Angie Villa. You see, you've already made up your mind about me, so Villa can threaten us as much as he wants. When we defend ourtselves, we are accused of instigating. The reality is much different, as this weekend's meltdown demonstrates. His attacks were unprovoked, especially those directed at MM. They've been unprovoked all along. He's mad at the world bc his daughter his dead. But that does not excuse his behavior, and he will learn that the hard way.

Incidentally, I have been renouncing Villa's behavior. That is the right thing to do. I renounced his behavior the moment he said he wished the LC DA would choke to death. Most of the rest of you just let it pass. So you're not really concerned at all, unless Villa comes after you. When he does, I promise to make a comment just like the one you did.

Anonymous said...

If you want to participate in the House of Chen art group do you need to be a Villa groupie?

Some people demand attention. They can not live without it. They need to be the center of it everyday.

Perhaps this is what is happening over at LVS.

It is obvious that many of the posts are fabricated and the thought of that is really twisted. It seems sociopathic to me especially when you consider the amount of time and energy that needs to go into this type of behavior.

It truly is a case of the cyber bully out of control. I basically agree to let it alone, however I do not know if the V's will.

Perhaps it has become so much a part of their lives they can't let it go. It has become an obsession to hate and ridicule. It is sad.

I also love the posters who come on to this site and tell everyone off and threaten to punish all by not coming to the blog again. Ha! Ha! Ha! Who are they friends with?

michael molovinsky said...

anon 7:25, you do not have to be a villa groupie to attend the chen art group functions, as a villa target, i did stop attending. however, today i checked out the art show, i recommend it. on the villa blog, almost all the comments are from them, and are essentially crude insults against myself and others. i agree with you that he is incapable of stopping such behavior. he apologized to me back in september, but never ceased his attacks.

michael molovinsky said...

since i made this post, i have now become the dominant target of villa's comments, now numbering 185 on his wife's post about women's rights. villa predicted i would be included in today's blogger tuesday as a reward for bashing him. by coincidence i was selected because of a post concerning both ron angle and emma tropiano, both icons in the lehigh valley. only in villa's egocentric world would selection based on him. last night volvo driving soccer mom posted there, complaining about bernie o'hare. she should consider this quote from villa about me;

" We all must live with the choices we make.

And Mike has had plenty of opportunities to denounce you(o'hare) for having gone way too far."

this quote is villa's justification for attacking me because i refused to take a side in his dispute with o'hare, so in his mind(villa) he's entitled to attack and discredit me continuously. volvo mom, when casey and o'hare started fighting i also told both of them i'm not involved and wished not to be.
both o'hare and casey respected my individuality, and as mature adults realized i was entitled not take a side. not in villa's world, your either with him or against him.

wise people have suggested i try and raise above this, and not be provoked into responding. i know that's good advise

michael molovinsky said...

angie has succeeded in drawing me out again. mrs. villa, has it ever occurred to you that there must be a reason why so many people take issue with the comments you and your husband make? do you think arbitrarily a half dozen people said "lets get together" and pick on some couple, maybe one which suffered a tragic loss? within your 194 comments you insult o'hare, me, narjarian,ajc, armstrong, varkony, casey, donovan and of course martin and kranzley. once again here is the sequence; bill started insulting and highjacking blogs supposedly because of blogger tuesday. bill started demanding people side with him or against him. the troll blog was started because of his highjacking, bill himself accounts for most of the comments on the troll blog. on sept. 29th i believe you and bill disrupted several blogs with hundreds of comments and he continues to send dozens of snarks. almost all posts on your blog degrade into bill and you insulting your growing enemy list. btw, when bill was in his threatening mode, when he told me i better cross the street if i see him coming, i submitted a comment to allentown good news asking joyce if she should be promoting an event (chen art show 1) when villa was trying to intimidate various citizens and taxpayers from attending. i never sent her a letter regarding you and a grant.

Bernie O'Hare said...


You and I both attended the inaugural meeting of the Chen arts group. During that one, A-town arts czar Skrapits waxed on at length, saying absolutely nothing. In the meantime most of the artists there seemed most concerned about getting grants.

There is little doubt in my mind that grant-seeking Stepford wife Angie is looking to parlay her Chen position into money, just as she and her husband make constant false references to their musical CDs on their blog.

After starting off with a bold counterculture vision, the Villas quickly embraced the A-town establishment, including government (Pawlowski) and business (Butz). I know damn well that the arts suffocate in that atmosphere.

So why do it?

Money baby. For all I know, they're trying to sell a few CDs along with Angie's junior high paintings.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, i find your reflections on the Chen art group somewhat harsh, but understand how the villa's do incite. politely put, they bend the truth for their own agenda. long time blog readers realize angie's appreciation of greg weaver's art scene came from my blog. they also know her adoption of the chen restaurant as a victim of lanta also came from my efforts. never the less, i give her much credit for forming the art group and even more credit for organizing two shows already. counter-culture or city sponsored, artists are being given a venue for showing.

she certainly has it backward about who is the victim and who is the provoker between her and myself. after i said i understand why the troll blog was created because of bill villa's highjackings, she wrote that i was evil, that's quite a condemnation. bill villa just claimed over at their blog that he never said i had to pick a side. Below i include another villa email to me from this past fall;

... and please try your best to follow this, GlazeOver Boy, it's as simple as 1, 2, 3 ...

1. Bernie is, and has been, doing Angie and me wrong-- very wrong. major big time wrong. Illegally wrong.

2. I practically genuflected with respect, right outta the gate, asking that you, and Donovan, and AJ (our friends?) inter-fuckin-cede and tell Bernie he was off fuckin base and to knock it the fuck off. All 3 of you had no interest in doing this, a.k.a. no fuckin' guts and no fuckin' loyalty.

3. Bad decisions result in bad consequences.

You could have, and you still can, jump in there at any time and publicly condemn what Bernie is doing.

You do that and I'll publicly apologize to you for my retaliations against you.

Otherwise, if you see me approaching ... you know what to do ...

Mr. Dottie/Bill Villa

It's only a deal if it's where you want to go. Find your travel deal here.

Anonymous said...


Believe me, my interest is as if I was craning my neck to watch a horrific accident in an opposing lane on a highway...

Call the police! It surely seems that this guy and his gal, are asking for attention, so give them the kind that comes from law enforcement. From what I read, they ccross the line over and over. Please don't tell me that you have not dome this by now.


Chris Casey said...

Christmas is a week from today. What would it take for all parties involved to halt this insanity for at least one week?
Please think about it.
Witnessing the vile content flying back and forth is disheartening.
Merry Christmas, I hope

michael molovinsky said...

chris, this is not a back and forth situation. my comments are not vile. when i wrote this post the villa's had already posted 108 comments, many of which were disparaging toward me. in their comment number 200 angie says she never provoked me? i don't differentiate between her, him, sasha c., joshua t, esq. and all their other alter ego's. its just them behind the velvet rope in their studio 54 moderated blog.
i appreciate your intention, and best wishes for a happy holiday season.

Chris Casey said...

Mike, I did not intend my comment to be directed at you. I am frustrated that there seems to be an "eye for an eye" attitude in the ongoing Blog War. I'm not sure all of those involved really want to end up blind.

michael molovinsky said...

chris, any reader of the villa blog would assume that i'm a founding and active member of the troll blog. in reality my last comment there was on sept.30, and it was a condemnation of the horrible comment concerning his daughter. out of 600 comments on the troll blog, only 9 are from me, most are from villa under his own name. never the less, villa has posted hundreds of comments, there and on his blog, associating me with it. although i said i understand why it was created, he continuously writes that i endorse it. this is an example of the distortions and context manipulations both he and his wife constantly engage in. would i be a better and smarter person to ignore his provocations? should i let his lies repeat and continue until people think that it is the true