Nov 6, 2008


Nobody has gotten more out of the word "change", than Obama, since the cash register was invented. Here, on the local blogosphere and newspaper, we are somewhere between cult worship and a new religion. Take for example, an Email I received this morning from Bill Villa concerning my previous posting;

"This one's just between you and me. I just wanted to tell you what a horse's ass you are, posting that dumbo entry about some WW II fighter pilot guy the day after Barack Obama's victory. This is your uniquely Molovinsky self-absorbed way of showing just how insignificant you consider Obama's victory to be. As if anyone cares what you think. You're also sucking up to that "Greatest Generation" (which you missed being a part of by only a few short years) that is lamenting the "America they used to know." Nice pandering. And while we're on the subject of total transparency, if "The Banker" isn't Bernie O'Hare, I'm not Bill Villa."

I print the above Email with some hesitation, because Mr. Villa said the message was between him and me. I suppose because he calls me a horse's ass, and because he deleted, rather than read my reply to him, I need not consider his feelings more than he considers mine. The fighter pilot is my son's step-grandfather, and has always shown much consideration toward him. Had McCain won, would any post on any other subject be considered disrespectful? In Obama's speech Tuesday night, he expressed respect for McCain and his supporters. I wonder if that toleration will be practiced by his supporters; that would be a change.


Bernie O'Hare said...

In your previous post, you honor the memory of a recently passed member of your extended family. This person happens to also have been a member of that greatest generation, who are dying at a rate of more than 1,000 per day.

I suppose this former fighter pilot should have had the decency to hang on until a few weeks after the election, and how inappropriate it is for you to cast a public spotlight on the memory of a great man. Maybe it would have been better if you mentioned this death in connection with the recent death of Obama's grandmother.

Right now, there is only room enough for one great man. All must stop and pray at the Church of Obama. All posts must be directly related to Him, I suppose.

And the only person in the entire world who is allowed to grieve is Bill Villa.

Last night, PBS ran a show about the Medal of Honor. It followed that with another program about WWII airmen. Was PBS trying to divert public attention away from Obama?

That's ridiculous.

In fact, we are currently in perilous times. What better time than this to reflect on our actions in previous perilous times?

Instead of accepting your post at face value, Villa insults you, the memory of a member of your extended family and an entire generation whose sin was to selflessly sacrifice life and limb to save people they didn't know from brutal war machines in Germany and Japan.

His email reflects an unhealthy obsession with Obama, who was elected president, not Messiah.

Incidentally, I am honored by the comparison to The Banker. He is a very even and level-headed person with tremendous knowledge when it comes to the bailout. Sadly for me, he is a separate person whom I happen to know. In fact, MM knows him, too. He is a banker. I'm not level-headed. I don't understand high finance. But thanks.

That's another flaw with Villa. He tends to think others do what he does with impunity.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, thanks - you point out one of the great things about blogs, you get a chance to learn from a variety of people on a variety of topics. When it's treated right, it's an excellent tool to share.

The Banker

Joe Hilliard said...

M Squared,

Don't sweat it. It will be intereting to see how these followers act in the coming years. Those who follow a man, part of a personality cult, are always the most irrational and dangerous.

Of course, GW Bush was bashed from day one of his Presidency. There were calls for Bush's assassination. He was accused of being a Hitler. (Funny, I don't remember Bush giving a speech to many thousands in Berlin like Hitler did....) His policies were viciously attacked.

Should anyone dare to bring up a policy difference with President elect Obama, I will see how quickly these followers declare that no loyal American should ever "attack" a President. Of course, they will say that any disagreement of policy will be based on "racism" as well.

While I don't think the office or the man should be attacked, and it would have been nice of the Left observed such decorum during the last eight years, policy disagreements should be fought with vigor.

Chris Casey said...

I am very sorry to see the situation devolve this way. MM, you were respectful to me in my inquiry as to whether your Father in law was a local veteran.
I merely inquired as a person who is respectful of fellow veterans. I only learned of this latest salvo in the blog war in the past few minutes. I am truly saddened by it.