Oct 10, 2008

Morning Call Missed Story

Clearly, one of the national lead stories yesterday was the fraudulent voter registrations by the Acorn Organization, publicly pro Obama. The media has been hyping Barack for a year, repeatedly citing the new registrations as proof positive of America's enthusiasm for the agent of change. Acorn itself, was harder to find yesterday than a flimflam contractor. Obama himself, had worked for Acorn years ago, and as a candidate paid them 800 thousand dollars to register new voters. Not only did the Morning Call not write one word about this corruption of the basis of our democracy, but it headlined a story meant to downplay the success of the local McCain/Palin rally on Wednesday. At the best, today's paper was old news with a twist, at the worst, it was an attempt at reader manipulation.


Anonymous said...


What's the surprise here?

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Michael they talk about the ferocius republicans in this year's election. Is the reason why because of the treatment of republicans by the press? Can anyone find anything positive for republicans in MC today?
Look at the treatment of President Bush, the viciousness of pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd et al.
Where is the bringing togetherness of Obama? He lies and has a history of some question and yet the press never asks the questions.
I think I will move to Canada. (If they will have me.)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I forgot to give credit to the great American workers employed by ACORN (community organizers).

michael molovinsky said...

bob, i agree, one would think the morning call is the "daily democrat". the irony of course, is that obama would tax them out of existence

Joe Hilliard said...


They didn't "miss" it. They just decided that a group that is systematically undermining our voting process (and our democracy) isn't that big a story.

They are cheerleaders for Big Government. Locally and nationally.

Can't wait for their endorsement to eliminate the bidding process in Allentown! That should be a hoot to read. (Save pennies, hello corruption.)

Remember, they endorsed borrowing money to hide deficit spending for the first two years of Pawlowski's administration!

oh, for pete's sake said...

The ACORN controversy was reported upon by the Morning Call (in the very least online, if not also in print). On the same day as your original posting on the subject, the paper wrote about ACORN (Oct. 10) here, and then again here and here on Oct 11th, one day after this posting. Additionally, there was this article in the paper on Oct. 7.

Your suggestion that the Morning Call is biased in favor of Barack Obama may very well be true. And perhaps these articles do not go into the depth you feel they should or do not press Sen. Obama's connection to ACORN hard enough for your liking, which may also be valid criticisms. But the subject was in the paper.

michael molovinsky said...

petes sake, there was NOT an article in the hardcopy paper on the 10th or before. as far as the online, it appears you can search a topic and find AP type articles through mcall that are not included in the daily online paper. if an article is not in the hardcopy edition, or listed on the mcall homepage index for that day, it is fair to say the morning call did not cover it.