Sep 21, 2008

Rendell, A Reluctant Jew

When Ed Rendell ran for Mayor of Philadelphia, he couldn't make himself an African American, but he sure wasn't a Jew. When Rendell ran for Governor, he was a city saving mayor and sportscaster, who downplayed the significance of his heritage on his outlooks. As a supporter of presumptive candidate Hillary Clinton, he did not have to be Jewish. Only now, with Barack as candidate with a background associated with known anti-Semites, has Ed Rendell become a Jew, who supports Obama.

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Anonymous said...

MM, I don't remember Rendell downplaying his religion, I just don't remember it coming up at all (which I don't equate to downplaying). I worked in Philly during his 1st term, so I was fairly well tuned in to local issues.

For me to be concerned w/ this, I'd need to be convinced that the 1st part of your premise is true - where could you point me to see the details?

The Banker