Sep 4, 2008


In today's Morning Call WatchDog feature, we learn the delayed mattresses from a local department store have finally arrived, subject of last weeks feature. Time to put that story to rest. I would like to know where the pea is under Pawlowski's budget shell game. I'd like to know where our grant money is really going. I'd like to know if those flashing blue lights are really reducing crime, which appears to be Lehigh Valley's growth industry.


Anonymous said...

This is why I won’t read the QCblog, if the paper doesn’t have the integrity to report the news do you think the blog will be any different. The paper is on its death bed. I for one will be relieved when it finally expires. Freedom from the tyranny of their false reports will perhaps open the door for a fresh start here in the city.

Scott Armstrong

michael molovinsky said...

I for one, hope the hard copy paper survives. does it exasperate, yes. has it enabled, yes, but it's still the source of most of the information we have about our area

Mr.Dottie/Bill Villa said...
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