Jul 3, 2008

Rumors and Innuendoes

I have a problem, I want to continue reporting on Pawlowski's war against private property, but I don't want to bring the wrath of the City down on any hapless owners. So, I will begin "Rumors and Innuendoes", in which I present unsubstantiated, second hand stories. I heard the following from a friend of a friend, who is a tenant at Regency Tower. Apparently, code trolled by and noticed the maintenance crew doing routine work on the swimming pool. Demanding to see a permit, they tagged the pool. Fee's will be paid today, and the management expects to have the pool open for the holiday. Let this be a lesson to you backyarders, who think you can just clean and use your pool like you own it.
In other news, Cannon's taproom will re-open. Although the yuppies in the neighborhood opposed it's previous closing, there is some hesitation about endorsing the new incarnation, which will have more of a Latino and African favor. What they would really like, is the old white crew back there, even if the bartender has to take a few more stabs from a screwdriver to protect them.


michael molovinsky said...

i've noticed a prominent blogger who lives in center city removed the link to my blog. my comments concerning cannon's, are not meant to imply racism, although i acknowledge my writing style may be biting. if this observation about my link is correct, it's not the first time i've offended current center city middle class residents. some background may be in order, i was friends and an associate of the group that actually started the historic district. i appreciate the new wave which has continued "old allentown", their presence is more important than ever. there are several feel good blogs about allentown; my intention is not to write a "feel bad" blog, but maybe to point out a few things which otherwise would not be ever said.

gsbrace said...

so are we yuppies or middle class residents? I find your comments about "yuppies" wanting the "old white" bar to be at best a nudge at hidden racism, which I could commend if I didn't know the people quoted in the Mcall article this morning. Believe me, these are not racist people. At worse it feels like a slap across the face. Why even allow your readers (ironically, through your own innuendo) to think middle class residents in center city are racist? Heaven forbid that we want a quality neighborhood bar. That bar can be African, Mexican, Cuban, Asian or Martian for all I care.

If somebody removed your link, it's b/c you stepped over a line with your own innuendo. Good people like Shane Fillman (who was quoted in the Mcall article this morning) don't need the aggrevation of fighting for the neighborhood everyday AND being labeled racist yuppies. Most of us don't have a political agenda, but it makes it real tempting to get on board with one when our concerns are cast in a negative light. A month ago Shane Fillman probably saved a block's worth of trees in Old Allentown with some help from city hall (the city's contractor had over-reached and marked numerous health trees for removal... city staff helped to clear that problem up and trees were saved). If I'm in a position of helping a community and I receive a back-handed comment about my motives from you and help from city hall (including from the mayor) to save our trees, where do you think my political leanings will go? We know there are struggles in center city and in our board/committee meetings we are remarkably blunt about them. Not once, however, has a comment about race or an "us veruses them" conversation taken place and I'm extremely proud to associate with this fine organization.

You and I had the pleasure of meeting last week in what I considered to be a constructive setting. I wish I could say this post didn't hurt a little bit. Perhaps I was mistaken about our constructive exchanges with Michael Donavon and others.

Happy Fourth... I'm going back to home renovations.

michael molovinsky said...

mr. brace, i already had added a comment that i didn't mean to imply racism. the key word in "old white" was old. cannon's will never be the same again. changes for the worst in the neighborhood compelled the cannon family to sell the bar. no slap intended toward mr. fillman, you or anybody else. also no political agenda, just truth and reality, which in this town is alien. believe it or not, i have the same vested interest in allentown becoming safer,both in perception and reality. i don't care where you lean politically, but if you have any interest in your long term safety and property value, i suggest you continue reading my blog occasionally.

Anonymous said...

MM, I don't live in Allentown, so I don't have a dog in this fight and are (at least in theory) independent.

I read your comments, then said them out loud. I believe they cast the people in the neighborhood as racist.

This isn't criticism as I have read your posts enough to know you say things for a reason. But I wanted you to have this feedback on how the comments come across.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 10:34, i agree that on the surface it's fair to surmise i'm accusing the local yuppies of racism. i think their familiar enough with my views to know i usually don't concern myself with such considerations as that. also those familiar with mr. brace and myself know this isn't the first time he was offended by me. also they know mr. braces political leanings don't have the flexibility he implies. Lastly, mr. brace, let's consider my feelings. i don't contribute to the political dialogue to be contrary to pawlowski; i've been advocating for allentown long before he was here and long after he'll be gone. my title of innuendoes applied to a current wave of strongarm moves against property owners, not that members of old allentown were racist. now lets talk cannons, out of frustration of losing a cherished unique spot, you opposed the owner utilizing his property. well now you have another tavern, let's hope it's similar to what you had, or it's the old saying, be careful of what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

i say good riddance. too many people out there scream "racist" at the slightest perceived provocation. if you want true diversity where all kinds of people are mixing together, then you've got to develop a tougher skin.

let them recede into their own group where they can sit around together . . . and them complain to themselves about the lack of diversity

Anonymous said...

MM. I, too am sensitive to the "R" word being tossed around, usually in an attempt to muzzle white people. However, I do remember you accusing the Lanta people and others of being racist for simply building a centrally located transfer station that consolidated a lot of mini-transfer stations around the downtown. I love that place. It has bathrooms, a Dunken Donuts and they are even putting a market there. And the cameras make it feel very safe. So I would only advise you to not muzzle yourself, but also don't throw around the "r' word too much.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 5;50 although there were some accusations of racism about the lanta changes, they did not come from me. in this cannon situation, although my words indeed suggested racism, as i repeat again, that was not my meaning. however, in reality there is some elitism on part of brace's position. they want a quality bar, regardless of color. what is quality, some social interaction to which they can relate? there are bloggers who are concerned with social justice, i'm not one of them. i'm concerned with property rights and reality. this group has preconceived notions about what they would like this property to be, what they really want is cannon's back the way it was. pointing that out seems to have ruffled a few feathers

gsbrace said...

First, please call me Geoff.

"but if you have any interest in your long term safety and property value, i suggest you continue reading my blog occasionally." I'll read occasionally (or not) b/c I'm interested in gaining additional perspectives, not b/c I'm afraid. I've never feared for my safety while living in Allentown, though I do get frustrated with a culture of violence that seems acceptable to way too many people.

a quality neighborhood bar is one in which patrons can enjoy a drink, conversation and interaction with neighbors. A nuisance bar is one in which the police have to be involved to make sure this can happen. Race has nothing to do with either. Most of us can relate to multiple forms of social interaction. Sometimes I enjoy a stimulating converation (though when I'm at a bar, I'm less inclined). Most times I enjoy watching a football or baseball game while talking sports. I don't want Cannon's to be what it was (people clinging to the past is not progress): I want it to reflect the owner's tastes, which hopefully don't include selling the most amount of alcohol. That's were ALL bars can get into trouble.

You say your focus was about strong arm tactics, then why even bring up race in your post? Say it as many times as you want: you rung the bell and suggested our motives involved race. If you want to accuse us (OAPA) of strong arm tactics (which is interesting, since we don't have the power of enforcement, we're a neighborhood association), then please say so. We'll disagree in a civil manner, but it won't get personal.

In the Mcall article the owner said there would be card games... I'm looking forward to them. I hope this bar becomes a good location in the neighborhood for meaningful interaction. In the spirit of cooperation and meaningful interaction, perhaps I can buy you a drink or two when the establishment opens, Michael. Two people who care enough to haggle having a brew: seems like a very fitting sentiment on July 4th.

Happy Fourth. I'm off to a wedding.

Anonymous said...

A 'quality bar' is a shuttered bar. If they are really your 'friends' invite them to your home. People complain about $4 a gallon of gas (me too) but happily drop $4 a drink at some stale-beer-smelling joint on Eight Street. Sheeeesh!

michael molovinsky said...

geoff, i think my post is clear enough that i accuse the administration of engaging in strong arm tactics against property owners, not the OAPA.

again, although i may have chosen my words poorly, i never meant to imply OAPA was racist. if you insist on ignoring my clarifications, there is little more i can do.

Squirrel said...

OMG - Here we go again on the racism thing. Another issue circumvented.

A post on housing/real estate and civil liberties issues and it turns into a defense on words.

Far too hung up on this diversity thing. We pigeon hole everyone into a group and then as soon as we acknowledge it, you all start screaming racism.

But then let them start handing out money and grants and it is a different issue all together. Damn proud to be a member of that group.

Seems like some of our "racist yuppies" are a wee bit sensitive. May be they should get the hell out of Dodge.

Michael your comments are not unsettling. I find some of the responses incredibly immature.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'd like to make a few observations.

1) I read MM's post before anyone had commented. Previously, a group of A-town residents did vociferously oppose plans to convert Cannon's into a multifamily dwelling. Currently, I don't see people jumping for joy at Cannon's plans to reopen. One of them actually expresses some concerns in the news account. Perhaps it is the Latino or African flavor, at least for some of them. More likely, it's a desire to return to the way things were.

2) Whatever the reason, it's highly unlikely there is any hidden racism from people like Geoff. They actually choose to live in center city at a time when everyone else is jumping ship. I did not get that impression from MM's blog, and MM made clearly to you that weas not his intention. Of all people, MM knows very well what it is like to be unfairly called a racist.

3) Geoff, you certainly do have a political agenda. I actually think that's a good thing because you are young, sincere and smart. You are obviously leaning towards Pawlowski. Despite that flaw, I'd want to hear your voice as much as any other. You stand for open and accountable government. You do not fall into the trap of personalizing every criticism, as Pawlowski has done.

4) Neither MM noe Geoff really know why a center city blogger has removed the link to MM's blog. I don't know if it was prompted by his post or not. I'd suggest that MM ask the blogger.

Bill Weber said...

Your title, Michael, is RACIST!

Your Title!

How many people know that an INNUENDO is an Italian suppository? You slyly slipped that in, didn't you?

Anonymous said...

You lose all credibility when you use terms like "yuppies" in a derogatory sense - as if educated people with money are a bad thing.

West Park Party Girl said...

I guess this means that if I see a cute guy in Cannon's I shouldn't hit on him? Will that make me a whore? I don't like the tone used to describe the neighborhood.
Geoff is right, the neighborhoos is what we make of it. If the new Cannon's allows us to eat and drink together as social neighbors, what's the harm?
What does the ethnicity of my neighbors have to do with anything?
I am disturbed by the amount of race baiting hate on blogs. So what if someone removed a link, is it a rule that if you have a blog, you have to link to all the others?
Is resistance futile, and I have to do it? Why can't I read the blogs and mind my own biz?
This is some really disturbing stuff.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 11:50, my use of the term yuppie does agitate some people. let me address what agitates me. as i said before allentown is much better off with "educated people with money" living in center city. some of them, such as geoff, earn their living administrating programs which deal with urban redevelopment or utilization, so perhaps they should live there. others have chosen to buy there to get more house for their dollar. some get forgivable grants for historic restoration. besides the above, i give no trophies for their choice. many people live in adjoining sections which are just as problematic with no incentives.

party girl, race baiting, disturbing stuff? funny, your disturbed because I incidentally referred to cannon's as a white bar, but you have no issue with the city harassing catch 22 and other establishments which are not(white)

Anonymous said...

I find it strange that many are upset at the possible hint of racism from you Mike (they're out of their minds by the way) but when I listen to ANYONE about my living close to downtown, they freak out for my safety and sanity in moving closer to Hell and all are terrified of the Hispanic population - even the middle, upper, and working class brown skinned Allentonians. Pretty much everyone I hear talking privately is a racist when it comes to the Hispanics in the Lehigh Valley - then there are some that slam you on this blog for something they THINK they read between the lines. I think we need to be more afraid of those that hide behind the mouse than those with brown skin we can look in the eyes!!

Since this is my first post to your blog and I haven't got it all figured out - I am "the friend of the friend that lives at RT" And the city STILL hasn't replaced the street lamp bulb that's been out for months but they can harrass the manager about pool area!!! And oh, by the way, there's been a Honda parked near that darkend streetlamp that someone tried to use other Honda keys to steal. Could they have enve tried if that lighbulb was taken care of????