Jun 14, 2008

Profile of Pawlowski Sycophant

I first realized Peter had a political future when I saw him ignore the testimony and plight of the Hamilton Street merchants at the Lanta Meeting. As a staff member for a State Representative, he's a trained talking puppet. Now also doing Pawlowski's bidding at City Council, Peter has introduced important legislation*; residents would be limited to conducting four yard sales a year. Michael Hefele pointed out since the city doesn't have inspectors working on weekends, it would be used to target "selected" offenders. Schweyer based his ordinance after a law in Coaldale, violators would face $500 fines. Pawlowski and Schweyer, moving Allentown forward!

* http://www.mcall.com/news/local/all-b3_5yardsale.6458993jun14,0,7163030.story


Bernie O'Hare said...

It tells me all I need to know abnout where Pawlowski and his crtonies are taking A-town. I hope D'Amore and Donovan see this fopr what it is.

Bill said...

When I read this story yesterday, I could not believe that we were even discussing this.

Our city most be nearing perfection if this is the level of "problem" we are dealing with.


Well, as the only way to figure out if someone had one or five yard sales a year would be a permit, this is another way to get citizens to part with their money.

Even better for the city, they can probably collect even more money every time there is a complaint, as if a hapless citizen can't prove that this was not their fifth yard sale, the city could fine them,

A sad, sad state of affairs!

Anonymous said...

I've heard that Ed P. is grooming Schweyer to be his replacement after his inevitable 2nd term.

Bob said...

I believe this is the first time Schweyer has even opened his mouth as a councilperson. Unfortunately this is one issue he should have kept him mouth shut.
Maybe Schweyer will agree to work on weekends and monitor the ordinance procedures. That is, if Jennifer will allow him to work on weekends.
I better go back to sleep and wait for the mayor to announce a garage sale at city hall. I understand that he really needs the money to feed his family.
By the way Bernie, I think you are giving to much credit to D'Amore and Donovan.

Anonymous said...

Personal opinion from a personal experience - Peter Schweyer = very ineffective. Political climber, no follow up, no ability to really accomplish small tasks.