May 4, 2008

Gem's of Hamilton Street

Philmore and Rose Tucker opened their first yarn store on N. 7th St. in 1949. The Tucker Yarn Company has been at it's current location at 950 Hamilton Street for over 50 years. For knitting enthusiasts the endless inventory is legendary. Phil recalls how even in May, traditionally a slow month for the industry, Hess's annual flower show kept Hamilton Street and his store busy. A busy Hamilton Street is a memory now shared only by a couple of surviving merchants. Although many of Tucker's customers are elderly, the business is much more than a time capsule. His daughter Mae, nationally known in the trade, gives classes and operates a large mail order web site, TuckerYarn.Com


gsbrace said...

thanks for the website. I knew of their retail, but not the web.

My mom shops at tuckers every couple of weeks. She's recently started to knit and enjoys their selection. Beats the heck out of the big box competitors and they can actually answer questions when they are asked. What's interesting is that small, independant knitting shops and bead shops are re-emerging in downtowns across pennsylvania. Seems that people are reconnecting with arts/crafts and are willing to pay for the service/selection that these shops offer.

Mrs. Dottie said...

I'm glad to see that this store has survived, and adapted to changes. Too bad the Gentleman Framer and Titlow's music couldn't make it.

Geoff, My grandmother used to crochet ponchos for me in the 70's and they are back in style now.
But I don't think arts/crafts have ever gone out of style, just changed with the times.