Apr 1, 2008

A Failure Called Allentown

My last letter to the editor, (Morning Call) explained how Mayor Pawlowski's one hand didn't

know what the other hand was doing, thus the bunny hop for Allentown, instead of progress.
The letter, short to begin with, had several key sentences and its meaning deleted out, so now I blog. I don't know what Pawlowski's strong suit is, but it's not business (or housing). In the early fall, in a blotched attempt at improving the street scene, the bus riders where relocated to the former Morning Call parking lot, now known as the Lanta Terminal. The consequence is a virtual empty Hamilton Street with merchants suffering revenue reductions up to 40%. While the city on one hand offers grants, other starting food businesses are submitted to a bureaucracy exceeding hospital operating room standards.
What's probably most pathetic, is someone can push a hot dog cart up to the side of the Lanta Terminal Fiasco, and do more business than either someone put through the city hall inspection wringer or those receiving taxpayer funded grants.



Mrs. Dottie said...


Wow, "failure" is a strong word MM. But a 40% loss is really bad, and newsworthy.

Did you ever post your original letter to the editor? It would be interesting to compare that with what the deciders at the MC chose to publish.

michael molovinsky said...

mrs. dottie, i was posting my letters over at molovinskyformayor.com, but i'm alittle behind. i recall the original letter being about six sentences, and they printed maybe four. several people commented that my letter as published didn't make sense. what makes it more annoying is to see some long letters, in line with the papers philosophy, going on and on, even repeating itself.
yes, failure is a strong word, but when i hear words like success, promising, etc. coming out of city hall, i feel some reality therapy is in order.

Anonymous said...

I recall the whole Lanta debacle on Hamilton. I think the city and Lanta intentionally re-routed to drive out the cheapo shops on Hamilton and make it a yuppie paradise. I like some of the cheap stores we have now, although we have an absolute excess of shoe stores! They all could really use a good window washing, some paint and better signage. Maybe the city could give these places $500 grants for some minor improvements instead of $50k for a new restaurant.