Feb 9, 2008

Peter Schweyer Resign Lanta

Mr. Schweyer, congratulations on being elected to the Allentown City Council. If the truth be known, your not the first council member to belong to a board of directors whose activity effects Allentown. I suppose if a blatant conflict of interest arises, you could always abstain from voting on one panel or another. Certainly, belonging to two or more important panels is impressive politically, but I was hoping this council aspires to be more proactive than your predecessors. You know, Lanta may not always act in the best interest of Allentown. There are some of us who feel the recent Lanta changes have unnecessarily hurt the merchants of Hamilton Street, and the better interests of Allentown. Although your appointment to Lanta was an honor, your election to Council was a sacred trust; Mr. Schweyer, serve Allentown, resign from Lanta.

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