Feb 27, 2008

Fish, Fishing pole, Fish Market

In the Lehigh Valley we don't believe in giving someone just a fish, or even a fishing pole, we give them a fish market. Alan Jennings Community Action Development Corp. makes people instant business owners. I know of no less than three of his start ups that have failed. At today's Allentown Parking Authority Board Meeting, another Jennings recipient expressed support for a questionable development plan. It is difficult for me to accept housing agencies making homeowners from those who do not qualify for conventional mortgages, especially during the last five years. I would have thought nothing down and bad credit was easy enough. But imagine the stretch to make someone a business owner. Surely poverty has become the growth industry in the Lehigh Valley.


Anonymous said...

Mike, could you be a little more specific? I am trying to understand the connection between the photo and your post, but don't want to jump to wrong conclusions.

michael molovinsky said...

According to Queen City Blog, La Manna's, shown in photo, is closing. their setup costs were courtesy of Community Action.

Cheyanne Pavan said...

Community Action Development Corporation of Allentown offers a free 20-week course to help people determine whether they're suited to start a business, and offers technical assistance if a person decides to start a business. Though this particular funding source is no longer available to CADCA, the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency provided an Economic Development grant through Allentown Weed and Seed, whereby Community Action was able to offer business owners mini-grants of up to $5,000 to start or sustain their businesses.