Jan 24, 2008


Some of the people most affected by the Lanta changes and the Home Inspection Ordinance are the elderly. They enjoyed shopping on Hamilton Street the most. Over the years they became on a first name basis with the managers and owners who served them. Two long term business's are shutting their doors as a result of Lanta; Mish Mash Boutique and the Hamilton Perk Cafe. Drive by the new Lanta Transportation Center and see the elderly sitting on cold metal benches waiting for the bus, not too stimulating. Imagine being an 83 year old widow, struggling with the need to sell your house and move into assisted living. Your reward for being a long-term conscientious taxpayer is now the city mandates upgrades you never enjoyed or could really afford, all the years you lived there. Speak out this Saturday, 12 noon, Faith Baptist Church, 219 N. 12 St., Allentown
photo credit molovinsky


Dottie said...

It's ashame that many people overlook the needs of the elderly. I wrote a post at my blog yesterday about seniors at the supermarket, and it was intended to be humorous, but I do not in any way want to make light of the sad reality that you have pointed out here in your post. I really value the seniors in my community, and so should our leaders.

Mike said...

Maybe these people should have worked harder to maintain their homes.

After all, the inspections are only in place to make sure everything is compliant with the laws that have been on the books for years. Isn't that personal responsibility?

michael molovinsky said...

buyers are certainly entitled to hire a private inspector for their own edification, but i don't believe the city should get between a homeowner and his buyer because the current administration thinks it might help the city. as far as laws, today the mayor asks the public to help fight crime. i suggest the city concentrate on fighting crime and stay out of people's houses.