Jan 8, 2008

A Peak Inside the New City Council

According to today's Morning Call, Michael D'Amore and Tony Phillips became president and vice president respectively, with no opposition. Hardly, in truth, it is the first crack in the Pawlowski facade. The opposition, my term, otherwise referred to by the administration and its sycophants on the blogosphere as nay-sayers, whiners, crybabies, nutz and emotionally unstable, managed to wedge D"Amore's ambition to be president with the election of Phillips. Although the new council are all democrats, I'm encouraged that more due diligence will be exhibited.


Dottie said...


Sorry to be off topic, but I thought you might be interested in responding to some new comments at my blog's first post "Out From The Cheap Seats" regarding downtown improvement and the bus route changes. I would appreciate your contribution, thanks.

michael molovinsky said...

dottie, i thought you answered "joe" very well, he is a tenant opining that people who have been owners for 25 and 30 years should go away to make it nicer for him, in case he decides to stay.