Jan 2, 2008

Defend Your Home Jan. 26

Rally against Allentown's new law inspecting all private homes for sale. Let the city first make the streets clean and safe, before intruding on private property rights. Say no to mandatory inspection fee's. Meeting at Faith Baptist Church, 219 N. 12th St. (between Turner and Chew Sts.) at 12 noon on Sat. Jan. 26.


Dottie said...

I admire your activist spirit. Talk is cheap.

BTW, very funny post at Bernie's blog today about the Mexican fanfare!

michael molovinsky said...

dottie, your comment has alot to do with why i defend the "naysayers". i felt the city charter is pretty clear about no referendum reappearing before two years. the refinancing of the bonds was just a tax hike on your children. it took them enormous energy to confront malcolm gross here and the philadelphia firm of fox and rothchild in harrisburg, then to be called names for their civic effort? even if you disagree, even if their motives were partisan, think of it as a legislative spell check.

Dottie said...

Nice letter to the editor. How much did they edit? I'm afraid to read the comments at the hate forum.

I voted for Schware. The MC did not report much on the "nay sayers" confronting Mal Gross. Maybe it's because he represents the paper.

Who's this Moloturdsky guy?

michael molovinsky said...

they edited the beginning of the letter, which took the paper to task for waiting two weeks to report on the ordinance.

the forum is pretty insulting, that i'm motivated as a self-serving landlord

moloturdsky is a parody on me, i would think because of the timing, by a member of the "team". it offends me because i always" traded" under my own name and reputation. of course it is also insulting to my extended family.

i love the painting in your new post. at some point in the future i hope to photograph and include artwork from some old-timers; weaver, lenard, beyer and others.
i also like the new dottie icon