Dec 12, 2007

Lanta Lacks Manners

Although not reported today in the Morning Call, merchants and bus riders attended the Lanta meeting yesterday. Apparently a pattern is emerging, while the board does not respond or ask questions during public input, after the speakers leave the room, their comments are dismissed under the nay-sayer category. According to report today in the Express Times, board members wonder where the complainers where during the seven years of public planning. I, as a public meeting junkie, never heard of the project until which time it was announced. If not for the Allentown Parking Authority building the deck and needing some more state money, there would be no Lanta transfer station. Will Lanta build a station on their own without the Riverwalk project in Easton? Has Lanta been holding public meetings on the Easton project for the last seven years?


Bob said...

I understand thay you are now a full member of the naysayers club. All I can say is "Welcome".

Bob said...
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