Nov 16, 2007


In a move of arrogance Lanta announced they will operate a shuttle between their Transportation Center and Hamilton Mall. Hamilton's merchants were adversely affected by the removal of three transfer stations. The bus riders, while waiting for a bus, would patronize the stores, always having the option of conveniently taking the next bus. Will they make a trip from the Transportation Center to the mall and then back to the Center? Although running the shuttle will be an extra expense to Lanta and not help the merchants nearly as much as returning one transfer station, it allows the bureaucrat to appear responsive.

Afterthought: My fellow blogger, Bernie O'Hare, who is more diplomatic than I am, gives Pawlowski and Lanta some credit for finally feeling the merchants pain. It took 9 weeks and simultaneous reports from the Morning Call and WFMZ-TV to stimulate this empathy.

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