Oct 29, 2007

Queen City Daily

The Queen City Daily, the Morning Call's reporter blog(which is more like a weekly) today asks the city council candidates three questions; one of which is their opinion on the Lanta changes. Three candidates supported the merchants, two of which did so before the meeting, as reported earlier on this blog. I would especially like to compliment Jeanette Eichenwald for her unequivocal statement. I appreciate the fact that she and Michael Donovan are willing to go against the Mayor's position on this issue.(Bob Smith is the third supporter, while Peter Schweyer and Dave Bausch defend Lanta.) The survey was conducted by Paul Muschick. Below is a second email between myself and Michael Donovan which I have not previously released;

Yes, I would favor restoration of some stops...I would strongly favor is more like it! Please stress that I also feel that light sequence is important, also.

On the gentrification issue, I just don't know enough to comment. I wasn't in the meetings to hear opinions. However, I will stand by my comment that I do not think that all relevant parties were involved in the decision. As will be my battle cry for the next four years ... who are the appropriate parties that should be at the table for any public decision.

Best regards, and thanks again.

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thanks for your reply. as you may know there are those who feel political considerations involving gentrification of hamilton street were behind lanta decisions. would you care to comment on that topic, and would it be fair to summarize, "yes" that you would favor the restoration of at least some stops on hamilton st.

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