Jun 6, 2007

Save us from Solutions

Don Cunningham wonders what can be done by the county government to make homeowners out of those who cannot afford it. His first reaction is to suggest hiring a coordinator, one more position for the taxpayers to fund. My first reaction, is that those who cannot afford it, should get a second, and maybe third job. There was a time when becoming a homeowner was called the American dream; our local elected officials now think its just another entitlement. A number of years ago I opposed a project by Habitat to Humanity. After the hearing, their director told me, that they were such a sacred cow, that no one had ever questioned them before. Alan Jennings, professional advocate for the poor and Director of the Community Action Committee, is the most quoted man in the Lehigh Valley; he even has a division which makes entrepreneurs out of the unemployed. There was time, not that long ago, when our social-economic graph was a bell-curve. Now, through unsustainable good intentions, we have created a magnet for the underprivileged and made poverty a growth industry. We would be better off, if our elected officials concentrated on those issues on which they campaigned, and which can be solved, such as repairing the bridges.


  1. Making homeowners out of renters gives people more pride in where they live, more wealth, less crime. It is actually a way to prevent the LV from becoming a poverty magnet. Since you claim this area already is that, I would think you'd support this.

    And you don't like solutions?

  2. bernie, first of all, thank you for featuring me on your blog.(except for anon) i think solutions is one of those over used words, most of them are not that, at all. when heydt was mayor, he created his future opponent, pawlowski, by giving the alliance for building communties, houses from the tax sales. they spoke of giving people roots, and that would make them better citizens. i believe in rooting plants, not people. its never been easier to buy a house from conventional mortgage lenders. if someone does not have the ambition and volition in todays market place, i don't think their going to make a long term good neighbor. i don't think they will develop true pride of ownership. i don't think they will be able to afford proper repairs, etc.etc.

  3. I don't feel there will be the same sense of pride if the person/family doesn't have to work for it. Take for example, the teen who has to work summers to save for his first car. It may be a clunker, but he will remember how hard he worked for it, and will take care of it. You don't see that with the teen who automatically gets a car from mommy and daddy.

    I think home ownership is like that. I also share his concern with them being able to afford the upkeep.

    I'm sure the solution lies somewhere in the middle.