May 26, 2007

time for a reality check

After viewing the local media, if one would venture downtown, one encounters a rude awaking. Yes, the new buildings are there, but the essential vibe has not changed, the streets are still strewn with litter, and dominated by those that do the littering. Millions of our taxpayer dollars have been spent on a delusion; so lock your car doors and let me take you around, from behind the safety of your computer screen. michael molovinsky


LVDem said...

I live in center city and love it. The only time my car has been vandalized was in a suburban diner parking lot. I leave my car on the street every night.

My block is clean. Very little litter. We all take 15 minutes a week and sweep our sidewalks. I know my neighbors. We look out for each other. When kids get unruly on our block, we call them on it. If they don't move on, we call the police and they respond.

My mom grew up in Allentown (West End) and frequently tells me of the myth that the city used to be clean and perfect. There have always been problems. It's about time everybody admits this.

Allentown is far from perfect and there are certainly significant problems to report, but I've found that the best way to make change in this city is to get out there, volunteer for the local crime watch, clean up the parks and get to know your neighbors. Complaining about things or writing stories does little to accomplish anything.

Hope to see you out in the community.

michael molovinsky said...

dear lv dem, i'm sixty, when i grew up downtown was clean, it's no myth. i'm grateful that you live in town and love it. i clean up my property, i don't think i should have to clean up other peoples, however i'm glad your willing to. i'm often at city council meetings, and spend alot of time in town. michael molovinsky 610 395-1815

Anonymous said...

I too spent a couple of years (66-67) downtown - if 12th & Walnut qualifies - and it was always clean. So again no myth.

Let's face it you don't get to be an All American city (1962) if you're a trashy place. There was pride in our whole town and most people genuinely cared about their neighbors and surroundings.

Heck even Dorney when it was an open park was clean.