Aug 3, 2017

Pawlowski's Poverty Shuttle

I told readers that Pawlowski won the primary by campaigning in the minority owned beauty and barber shops. These people were flattered by receiving attention from a mayor. He subsequently attended every event and birthday party to which they invited him. On primary evening he had cobbled together over 1,700 votes, a plurality to win in the crowded primary field. Not being content with my analysis, I called it the Marion Barry vote, because these constituents are not turned off by Pawlowski's trouble with the law. He continues now to court this demographic.  A bus outfitted with a Re-Elect Pawlowski  sign fueled speculation that he was providing a free shuttle service around town.  Perhaps at night the shuttle could take shooting and stabbing victims to the emergency ward.

He certainly knows how to work these people for his gain.  A free shuttle service would be appropriate, since under his tenure most of the low-income moved to Allentown.  I saw another photo of him carrying a cooler, and handing out bottles of water in a park.  I suppose that's because he leased the city's water department.  He might also consider handing out models of city hall,  since he allegedly sold that as well.

Those looking for nice sentiments should buy a Hallmark card,  you won't find them here.


george schaller said...

Good morning USA MM,
were are the bars on the windows since fed ed and jack will be doing the guided tour to camp fed and there will be more riders from city hall too with only a few named and indicted as of yet? Reading the indictment, to my understanding it looks as if fed ed and crew are stealing the very cheZZe that destin for the voter base he is pandering too now and they are clueless as many are too?

Scott Armstrong said...

Someone should paste "convict" Ed Pawlowski over "re-elect".

Scott Armstrong said...


This bus in being used as a portable campaign sign. Parked in different areas every night.

doug_b said...

I remember when I was attending school at Penn State. George Mc Govern had buses painted green, with signs that said 'free food'. Get on the bus, go hear the speech, then the free food. Got the support of most Hippies - since they wanted everything to be 'free to them'.

Bob said...

The bus could also bring voters to polls. A hundred votes might make the difference in this race.

K Mary said...

"Perhaps at night the shuttle could take shooting and stabbing victims to the emergency ward"

- If that is Mr. Pawlowski's marketing tactic, then he should simply make a slew of magnetic signs and pay the EMS corps to place the signs on their vehicles?