Aug 22, 2017

No Real Nazis In Charlottesville

My post on Trump and the Jews received numerous back channel complaints from my fellow tribe members.  How could I possibly defend Trump from not speaking out more forcibly against Nazis?

When children came dressed to your door as super heroes on Halloween, did you think that it was really Superman and Batman?  The real Nazis took our relatives away in the middle of the night and put them in concentration camps, before gassing them.  What you saw in Charlottesville was real anti-semitism,  but not real Nazis.  I understand the concept of being vigilant, but don't trivialize the Holocaust because of your hate against Trump.  American Nazi are not new.  They were already marching against the Jews in Skokie 39 years ago.

While I'm airing complaints against this blog,  here's a different one from a black reader about the Ambush At 9th & Chew  post.
  Gangsters?? who the hell you calling gangsters??? Did they kill that women like racists in Virginia???? Its funny how you hypocrites will praise white drug dealers, and save white addicts. smh....freedom of speech is for cowards too!!!The real gangsters are in the White House. Why don't you write for Breitbart Mr M. they would love you there.  

It wasn't the racists in Virginia in Halloween costumes who killed the woman, it was a lone nut from Ohio, who was probably a week away from killing someone back home.

I don't believe that those swastika armbands in Charlottesville are a threat against me, but I do speak out in person against anti-semitic statements said in my presence.  I don't believe that Confederate statues are a threat against blacks, but I would be concerned about kids formulating gangs at 9th and Chew.


Jeffrey Anthony said...

Anyone who would call themselves a Nazi is a bad person whether they commit bad acts or not. Period. Moreover, if you go walking around with a tiki torch calling yourself a Nazi, you're a dork too.

That said, I think we need to educate leftists as to what Nazis actually are, and you did a fine job in your brief article, Mike. If I may, I'd like to add to your point a bit.

National Socialists (Nazis) *are not* of the right, and I wish leftists would bother to do a bit of reading on this matter. National *Socialists*: got that second word, lefties? Socialists. I'm urging my Conservative friends to from now on, when writing about Nazis, refer to them as: National Socialists ("Nazis").

While we're on the topic, virtually all of the despotic regimes in modern times were of the left. Maybe -- just maybe -- one could argue that Pinochet and his henchmen were of the right, but that argument begins to fall apart when you look at the degree to which his junta seized the means of production.

So, to my friends on the left: stop calling Conservatives "Nazis." It just highlights your ignorance.

doug_b said...

This is much like the 1950's when Joe McCarthy went on the witch hunt for 'communists'.

For the past several years, the new word was 'racist'. You're a racist, he's a racist, etc. Well that word has been worn out, so now the new word is Nazi.

My 'new' word for the leftists is an old word: Bolsheviks. A violent party founded by Lenin - which later turned into the communist party.

Jeffrey Anthony said...

@9:46 I agree with you entirely in principal, and I don't mean to split hairs with you in any way, you shouldn't put quotes around the word communists when talking about Sen. McCarthy.

Since the Soviet-era Venona transcripts were decrypted, it's been shown conclusively that Sen. McCarthy and HUAC were right far more often than wrong with respect to American-born traitors in the service of the Soviet Union and world communism.

Again, I don't mean to give you a hard time, but rather just to set the record straight on a matter where Americans have been (purposely) misinformed by the media for decades.

doug_b said...

According to grammar:

Quotation marks around single words can occasionally be used for emphasis, but only when quoting a word or term someone else used. Usually, this implies that the author doesn’t agree with the use of the term.

Jeffrey Anthony said...

@10:56 Oh, OK, and again, didn't mean to give you a hard time, just wanted to air a pet peeve of mine with respect to public perception of Sen. McCarthy.

ironpigpen said...

I must have missed that article appearing here at "Molovinsky On Allentown" which praises white drug dealers. Either that or the reader quoted in this particular article --- oh, forget it. It's entirely too obvious what the Left is so desperately trying to do.


Jamie Kelton said...

The Democratic progressives are so desperate to bring down President Trump they will resort to any kind of extreme accusations necessary. First, it was the Russia scandal. When that didn’t work, they moved onto racism.

It doesn’t matter how many times the President calls for an end to bigotry. It doesn’t matter how many times those who know him best defend his character. When the Left disagrees with your politics, they will smear you with words like racist, sexist, Nazis, criminal, or whatever other slur they can think of.

Jamie Kelton said...

Remember Democrats, save your eclipse glasses

With them you can view memorial statues without being offended.

Dave said...

The War of the Statues. Idiotic

JoshLCowen said...

Thank you Jeffrey Anthony. I, too, get so tired of the ignorance of so many people about post-war America. The same people calling conservatives nazis were those who defended the Rosenbergs, Alger Hiss, and hundreds of other card-carrying communists placed throughout much of the Roosevelt-Truman administrations (and yes, Hollywood, too)....and into Ike's as well.