Jun 15, 2017

When Guns Belong To The Left

When the horrendous knifing occurred against the defenders of the Muslim girl,  the violence was attributed to Trump supporters.  Nobody will be blaming yesterday's shooting on Bernie Sanders, nor should they.  However,  on facebook I see the outrage about the Alexandria shooting still heaped upon Trump.  He apparently made everyone in the country hateful,  as if there was no violence before him. 

Let us hope that this unfortunate incident creates some reflection about the hostility expressed toward Trump, and the propensity for violence from such vitriol.

photo: 1908 Colt, 25 caliber


doug_b said...

I pride myself in being up-to-date on political and current events. But I didn't recognize the larger problem growing in the US. It is leftism.

The government schools / the universities have been teaching leftism for years. Everyone, up to now has ignored it - but now it's in our face. This leftist indoctrination has created individuals with horrible ways of thinking and acting. Hillary fueled the flames by converting the Democratic party to one of leftism. It's really Marxism. This is where you take every fringe group, and elevate their rights above everyone else. The Democrats use social Marxism: class / color / ethnicity / nationality / sexual orientation / immigration status to attract voters. Since there has to be an enemy it is middle class whites - especially white males.

In my opinion the left breeds hate. I'm surprised it took this long for a shooter to appear.

Ray Nemeth Sr said...

The last hope of a dying ideology is violence.

Jamie Kelton said...

This man did not act in a vacuum and now is the time to speak out about this. The National Socialists had Dr Goebbels. The "Resist" movement has Hollywood, the New York Times, The Washington Post; Cable News network and many other media outlets that are just more and more full of hate and vitriol against President Trump.

It's all the same tactic as what Goebbles used in the 1930s. Another blog talked about Kristallnacht the other day. This is the Kristallnacht in the United States today in 2017.

This man may have had the rifle and pulled the trigger firing the bullelts he purchaced. But his mind was filled by the hate produced daily by the media which is pushing nuts over the edge and responding to their call for violence. These people are literally being driven over the top.

I am afraid this will not be the last incident such as this.

michael molovinsky said...

jamie@11:50, i must comment on the use of the Kristallnacht. On that night in 1938, in addition to 250 synagogues being torched, dozens of jews were killed, and 30,000 more were rounded up and sent to concentration camps.

comparisons to nazi germany should mostly be avoided.

Jamie Kelton said...

Apologies Mr Molovinski. That term was mentioned the other day by another blog with regards to President Trump which I believed was highly inappropriate, but the level of vitriol posted there against the President by those who do not identify themselves is exactly the kind that pushed this nut over the edge to engage in political assassination. It will not be used again.

doug_b said...

As I think about it, here's the hate speech from the left:

Early in her speech at the Women’s March on Washington in D.C., Madonna gave a message “to our detractors that insist this march will never add up to anything.” That message: “F** you. F**k you.”

“Yes, I’m angry,” she went on to say. “Yes, I’m outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

Then there's Kathy Griffin with Trump de-cap 'comedy' skit.

Can anyone really be entertained by a play like this?

A modern production of “Julius Caesar” — with an actor made up as Donald Trump getting offed onstage — will continue to play in Central Park as scheduled, the theater company said.

The left is all about rage and violence.

michael molovinsky said...

jamie@1:04, o'hare used the kristallnacht analogy for 30 christian syrians who were detained for possible deportation because of crimes committed in the USA. it was inappropriate because 30 people with a criminal record does not compare with 30,000 sent to concentration camps for only their religion. i would have liked to comment on his post, however he deletes my comments. besides, he is never wrong. : )

Jeffrey Anthony said...

I've commented before on this, and, at the risk of being a boor, I'll do it again.

You and Bernie, though radically different in approach and perspective, are outstanding examples of Ben Franklin's ideal of the citizen journalist. You both have served the Lehigh Valley's citizens very well for quite some time, and have not been meaningfully compensated for doing it. This is an extraordinary example of public service in its purest most distilled form. Other than volunteer firefighters, paramedics, and the like, I can't think of any more selfless examples of local, grass roots public service than you and Bernie.

Disagree all you want. That fuels healthy public debate and is inherently a very good thing. But while you two are tearing each other down, the bad guys are, in a very real sense, winning.

My previous offer to host the two of you for dinner and reconciling discussion (or a shouting match if that at least gets you talking) continues to stand without expiration...

TRENT HALL said...

There are three lessons that should be learned from the shooting tragedy by Republicans:

1. What goes around comes around. After 8 years of horrible racist & stupid conspiracy theories that bordered on advocating violence (i.e., Steve Nugent, et. al)lets hope some sanity comes to the GOP and that they finally, like the Democrats did promptly yesterday, publicity repute the alt-right hate mongers and start tuning down the BS.

2. The crazy GOP position of backing the NRA in opposing every common sense proposal to help prohibit the crazies, criminals & others to obtain guns reached new heights with the GOP backing the "silencer" bills introduced by NRA toadies. Had these bills been law now, a terrible massacre would have occurred yesterday, as the two Capital Police officers assigned to protect Rep. Scalise would not have been able to discern the origin point of the shooter. Without the loud sound of gunfire, probably most Congressman would have been picked off before anyone even realized what was happening.

3. And speaking of Scalise, of course we wish him speedy, full recovery. But, lets hope from this experience while he recuperates he gains some humanity, compassion & insight. He, and the others, owe their life to Office Crystal Griner (and the other officer) who is same sex married. For no one in Congress has been a bigger fool than Rep. Scalise, who has introduced more anti-gay legislation and assine "Protection of Marriage" bills and "State Dominance" bills over constitutionally protected civil rights than any other member of Congress. Maybe now he will realize that Officer Griner is entitled to the same right of marital happiness & choice that he possesses.

Bob said...

The problem of course is all the people who don't see the world the same way that I do.

They are full of rage and hate and violence.

Or maybe I'm just projecting.

Bob said...

I should add that the bad behavior of one deranged member of a loosely-defined group naturally is attributable to all members of that group.

michael molovinsky said...

jamie, because o'hare realizes that his analogy to kristallnacht was ill-advised, he is doubling down on it. to call US immigration officers "trump's storm troopers" is desperate, as is comparing deportation even to iraq, with the death camps of nazi germany.

ironpigpen said...

I find it interesting how it is okay for Bernie O'Hare to get the Secret Service to investigate citizens for making statements critical of Barack Hussein Obama. But if anyone hints at having the Secret Service investigate Bernie O'Hare on account of his obsessive and constant 'hit pieces' on Donald Trump, then, all of a sudden, it's "America, Not Trumpworld". In other words, in Bernieworld, it's perfectly acceptable to try and use the Secret Service to silence critics of Obama but it would completely unacceptable to use the Secret Service to silence critics of Trump.

Does it get any MORE hypocritical than THIS?

Gotta love how O'Hare is now targeting Jamie Kelton for public persecution simply because she has the courage to confront a genuine bully. THIS is the real Bernie O'Hare in action. No wonder, then, that the dude lost his license to practice law in an actual courtroom.

michael molovinsky said...

rolf@9:49, o'hare feels compelled to keep doubling down on his inappropriate analogy to kristallnacht; first describing immigration officers as trump's storm troopers, as if trump created that department. now he cites his experience as a lawyer that immigration officers are out of control cowboys.

that said, please understand that i do not want to host any additional comments about your secret service incident with o'hare. that incident is between you and o'hare, and does not involve me or my other readers.